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3 Summer Trends for Home Window Renovations

3 Summer Trends for Home Window Renovations

If you are thinking about remodeling your Florida home for summer style and comfort, spring & summer are great times to start making plans for some new replacement windows. We have listed our top 3 window trends below.

Floor to Ceiling Windows To Let Light In

Florida is known rising temps in the summer but also that wonderful sunshine! You want to welcome this sort of natural light into your home with windows such as these. They can help refresh your home and reconnect you with the outside world, letting in light and fresh air. We offer a few different materials such as vinyl and aluminum as well as several color options to help match your homes exterior, interior or both.

Energy Efficiency

Everyone wants to do their part to help conserve energy. By investing in energy efficient windows you can leverage multiple panes of glass to seal in cool air but keep the summer heat out. Vinyl is a good affordable option if you want to look into something less expensive.

Safety and Security

Most think impact windows are more for those who live on the coast, however they have another advantage as well. They can offer UV ray protection. Impact resistant windows are laminated glass and can filter up to 99% of UV rays out. With our Florida summers, that filtration can be extremely helpful by protecting your carpet and furniture, drapes, and even dampen the sounds from traffic and airports close-by.


With the above information, these are just a few examples of the home improvements you can make to your home during the summer. Be sure to start your planning in advance so when you are ready, your new windows will be ready as well to go in for the fall. White Aluminum would love to help with your home window renovation project, contact one of our locations today for a free consultation.

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