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5 Tips to Make Your Windows Burglar Proof

5 Tips to Make Your Windows Burglar Proof

The only kind of unexpected guests you want at your home are those attending a surprise party for you. The other kind of unexpected guests are burglars, who not only show up uninvited but also leave with some of your belongings too. Home security systems are no fool’s playground in this day and age.

Break-ins occur most commonly through doors- front door, back door, or garage doors. The other method of choice is through ground floor windows. This immediately creates an urgency to not only protect your home but also, your family. Here are 5 tips to make sure you are burglar-proofing your windows as best you can.


1. Position security cameras nearby

This home-hack is the best invention to come to home security. However, some individuals are hesitant to have surveillance cameras on their property for the privacy of themselves and their neighbors. Think of it like blind-spots on a car. Your windows may be in areas of your home where you can’t necessarily see all angles or are hidden by greenery. Having security cameras placed throughout the exterior of your home can help eliminate blind spots to you and hot spots to burglars. 

If you’re familiar with doorbell cameras then you know burglars have immediately eliminated the doors as their means of entry. Their next stop- windows. Using strategically placed security cameras on the exterior perimeter of your house can help you see real-time footage or have records to show police in case the unfortunate event of a break-in occurs. To learn more about companies that offer security cameras, you can read reviews of Xfinity home security as well as other companies.


2. Reassess your window locking mechanism

We all like to think that updated or new items in our home should function correctly and last for a while. Unfortunately, sometimes that’s not the case with all things. Next time you pass by your bay-window check the locking mechanism and double-check that you’re happy with the sturdiness of the latch or lock. 

If you’re not convinced the windows can stay latched with the existing mechanism, consider adding extra locks to the window. Aftermarket locks exist! And they’re not complicated to install at all. Simply searching on Amazon can lead you to a plethora of options as far as secondary locks go. 


3. Install more than sufficient lighting

Think like a burglar for a moment. You don’t want to be seen, heard, or put in the spotlight, right? You nailed it! Possibly the easiest hack to helping prevent burglaries is keeping a well-lit household. Install floodlights, pathway lights, twinkle lights, lighted sculptures, or whatever else you can think of to illuminate your home and the yard. By exposing as much as light possible there is less of a chance someone will feel safe and welcomed to roam in the dark and break into your home. The same goes for the interiors of your home as well.


4. Reinforce your glass by installing security film 

The most vulnerable aesthetic about your home is the windows. Burglars and robbers have no sympathy when it comes to breaking in. Shattering any glass door or window is the easiest way for them to get in and out. 

Installing security window films strengthens your existing windows and immediately enhances your safety. Security film is made of many layers of polyester film bonded together to create a thickness barrier to your liking. Without getting into the nitty-gritty, there are many different types of films, and depending on your specific needs there are multiple options in the book to choose from. 


5. Install window break sensors 

If only Kevin McCallister knew about window break sensors in the ’90s when he was filming Home Alone 2, then Marv wouldn’t have been able to climb through the windows and plan his burglar heist. 

Window sensors alert you almost immediately when someone is trying to enter your home through the window. Such a simple mechanism can be such a crucial part of owning a home in any neighborhood. A magnet and switch are attached to the inside window frame and pane. So long as the window stays closed- you’re in great shape. When the window is opened (especially unexpectedly), the circuit switches and sends a signal to the alarm control panel. Reliable and easily installed, window break sensors can help alert you of any unwanted activity in or out of your windows. 

Use these 5 tips to cross off the checklist of things that can help make your house less of a target for burglars. The windows of your home are the front row seat to your life, belongings, and more importantly, your family. Ensuring your windows are secured, monitored, protected will leave you peace of mind and comfort knowing you’ve done what you can to eliminate the chance of a burglar breaking into your home. 


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