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How to Tell Your Windows Have Lost Their Seals

How to Tell Your Windows Have Lost Their Seals

If you have vinyl windows in your Florida home, you know that one of the most important components is the window seal. If your window seal is broken, air and moisture from the outside can make their way inside fast. 

Some broken seals are fixable, but in other instances, you may be better off looking into replacing your vinyl windows. Here are three ways you can tell if your windows have lost their seals.

Windows Always Appear Dirty

Keeping your windows clean is a constant battle. If your window seals are damaged or broken, it is a battle you will never win. When the seal is not intact, it can no longer keep out dust and dirt. Even small amounts of wind can blow dirt into the window frame, where it will become trapped or settle on the window. 

Even bugs can make their way in depending on the extent of the seal damage. If you have recently cleaned both the outside and inside of your windows, but they look dirty the next day, there is more than likely a seal failure.

2. Constant Condensation

The purpose of window seals is to create an air-tight, thermal barrier between the outside and the inside of the window. When the seal is working properly, the inside of your window is protected from the heat outside. 

Depending on the weather and humidity levels, some condensation is normal. However, it should be rare. When the seal on your window is broken, it means that instead of being protected from the outside weather, your inside window is directly exposed and is prone to form condensation.

If you notice frequent condensation, water droplets, or fog on the inside of your windows, that’s a good indication that your seal is broken. 

3. The Window Appears Distorted

Windows were designed to perform with seals intact. When the seal is broken, and your window is exposed to the elements, it can alter the structural stability of the windowpane and cause physical changes. 

Sometimes you can notice a distorted window looking at it dead on, but usually, it is easier to notice when viewing it from an angle. The most common place for window distortion to start is the middle of the window. If you notice changes in the way your window looks, there’s a chance you have a broken seal.

Depending on how much your window has changed, a professional may be able to restore it. However, in severe cases, you may be looking at replacement vinyl windows.

What Causes Window Seals to Break?

There are several factors that can contribute to failing window seals. One cause may be defective manufacturing or damage that occurred during installation. If you are doing any construction or home improvement, it is important to protect the windows to avoid this.

Other possible causes are extreme weather conditions, old age, and normal wear and tear. 

Replacement Vinyl Windows

No matter what the cause of your broken window seals, it is important to fix or replace them right away to preserve the integrity of your home. Updated vinyl windows can also help better protect your home from mold or moisture and improve your home’s energy efficiency.

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