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Top 7 Reasons You Know It's Time for Replacement Windows

Top 7 Reasons You Know It's Time for Replacement Windows

How can you tell when it’s time to replace the windows on your home? A few of the more obvious signs are window condensation, fogging, and visible window rotting. However some homeowners will choose to replace their windows when they become too difficult to open and close from age or multiple coats of paint.  

There are several benefits to installing brand new replacement windows in your home, including increased energy savings, natural lighting, and easy maintenance as well as increased UV protection.

1) Energy Savings

Replacement windows are better insulated than older windows on a home, and will better protect a home from extreme Florida temperatures. You will notice a decrease in your monthly energy bill because air conditioning systems don’t have to work as hard as they did prior to window replacement. Our replacement window systems are well insulated, and constructed with double glazed, low-e glass. Think of all the wasted energy and money that was thrown down the drain before. Put your money towards investing in new, more energy efficient windows.

2) Natural Light

Homeowner’s looking to increase their home’s natural lighting will love our replacement windows. Today’s windows are built with smaller frames and a larger glass surface compared to older window models. Their modern design helps to increase a home’s natural lighting.

3) Easy to Maintain

Replacement windows are easier to clean and maintain than older windows due to modern technology and manufacturing efforts. Homeowner’s might even find that they have to clean windows less often than before.

4) UV Protection

Floridians are well aware of the sun’s harmful effects on our bodies, but what about damaged caused to the inside of their home? The suns UV rays can damage and fade interior flooring, furniture and walls of a home. Less damage is caused when replacement windows are installed since they offer higher UV protection for a home and its contents.

5) Drafts

Can you hear the whistling wind through your windows? Can you feel cool air around the frame? if there in really bad shape you'll even see light coming through the gaps. Drafty windows become more noticeable in the winter when cool air is felt. This will make your heating system work overtime when it tries to keep the air inside your home at a comfortable temperature.

6) Poor Operation

Opening and closing older windows shouldn't be a workout routine. They need to open and close with ease. A proper lock is added protection to help keep air from escaping your home and provides additional security as well. Anything less means it's time to be replaced.

7) Condensation

Are your windows weeping? When warm moist air meets a cold surface of glass you get wet condensation. It can occur for a few reasons, but if it is a constant thing and frost appears, then its a case of bad windows. 


If you recently had White Aluminum Florida replacement windows installed in your home, tell us more about the benefits you are experiencing by leaving a review on Google!

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