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What to Do Before A Big Storm

What to Do Before A Big Storm

Hurricane season begins June 1. It is important to understand your Florida home's vulnerability to storm surge, wind and even flooding. Below we have give you a checklist of things to do BEFORE the official Florida Hurricane Season begins.

  • Know Your Zone: If you live near the gulf or Atlantic coast, you need to know your evacuation area by contacting your local emergency management office or government agency. You can even check
    online here.
  • Emergency Kit: Having a basic emergency kit (https://www.ready.gov/build-a-kit) such as flashlights, generator and storm shutters is a necessity.
  • Family Emergency Plan: It is important to sit your family down BEFORE an emergency and go over how you will get in contact with each other, where you will go and so fourth. Keep a copy of this plan in your
    emergency kit or somewhere easily accessible during a disaster. Start at the Ready.Gov emergency plan webpage.
  • Review Insurance: Reviewing your insurance policies ensures you have adequate coverage for your home and personal property.


Download a copy of this hurricane safety brochure for more tips.

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