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How to Care for Your Pool Enclosure

How to Care for Your Pool Enclosure

You might already be aware of the many benefits to owning a high-quality aluminum pool enclosure. This structure helps keep out dirt and debris (plus nuisance bugs, animals, and unwelcomed guests). It also creates a safe and relaxing haven for friends and loved ones to gain maximum enjoyment from pool time.

Still, as with other surfaces in and around your home, pool enclosures must be regularly cleaned and properly maintained. Doing so ensures years of use and function. Here’s what you need to know about caring for your aluminum pool enclosure:

Know the Benefits

Keeping Florida pool enclosures clean goes far beyond mere aesthetics. This routine upkeep stops and discourages mold, fungus, lichen, algae, and other growths that threaten the well-being of you and your family. When left untreated, such contaminants can lead to allergies, respiratory problems, and even more serious health complications.

In addition, airflow is limited when algae is permitted to grow on pool screens. That means it could feel a lot hotter in and around your pool. Even if you can’t see any screen growth, musty smells are an indication that your pool enclosure should be cleaned.

Plus, many homeowners’ associations (HOAs) today require regular maintenance and cleaning of pool enclosures and other property structures. That’s partly because not cleaning can quickly cause these structures to fall into disrepair. Damages such as holes, tears, and spline loss are common when proper cleaning is neglected.

Don’t Forget Pool Maintenance

While, as mentioned, high-quality aluminum pool enclosures help keep dirt and debris from entering your pool, it’s important to note that they’re not a replacement for regular pool cleaning. It’s still necessary to monitor pH levels in your pool, add necessary chemicals, and generally ensure clear and safe water quality.

In fact, improper pool maintenance can often compromise the cleanliness and integrity of your pool enclosure. That’s why tandem perseveration is essential. 

When cleaning the screen of your pool enclosure, it’s best to apply a mix of water and chlorine bleach with a soft bristle brush. Alternatively, water and white vinegar may also be used. If you are concerned or unsure about performing solo cleaning, it’s wise to reach out to a skilled and qualified company with team members well-versed in pool and enclosure cleaning and maintenance.  

Consider Replacement

While warm and pleasant, the consistent sun beating down on items around your property can create maintenance issues over time. For example, awnings in Florida are susceptible to fading. Other material can also be compromised by the elements. For instance, your existing pool cage might be beyond repair. That makes now a great time to invest in a high-quality aluminum pool enclosure.

Structures built with this sturdy material are designed to last for years to come. Naturally water and rust-resistant, we offer aluminum pool enclosures in two trendy colors: dazzling white and brilliant black. These tones will perfectly complement other hues used in and around your home.

For more than 60 years, we’ve been a trusted resource for residents across Florida. We offer a variety of products and services. From pool enclosures, to creating the perfect Florida room for your family’s enjoyment, our friendly and knowledgeable team members are always glad to answer any questions you may have.

In addition, we specialize in carports and patio covers, pergolas, replacement windows in Florida, screen rooms, storm protection, and much more. Contact us today to discover all the exciting property enhancement solutions available to you.


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