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Top 3 Reasons You Need a Quality Aluminum Carport

Top 3 Reasons You Need a Quality Aluminum Carport

Those who move to or visit Florida quickly discover an issue not present in other locales. Between the hot sun, sand and salt from the ocean, storm debris, insects, and other irritants, vehicles here are under constant attack by Mother Nature. That’s why taking steps to protect your vehicle from the harsh elements makes sense.

Still, not everyone has access to a dedicated garage or hidden, shady area. In these cases, high-quality Florida carports are a great way to keep both the in and outside of your vehicle in optimum shape all year long. Here’s how anyone can benefit from a carport:

1) Avoid Mother Nature’s Fury

Though the Sunshine State is known for its consistently temperate climates that set the stage for pleasant outdoor activity, there are times when storms batter the area. Especially in the summer, severe weather is often a daily occurrence.

While rain won’t necessarily ruin a vehicle, having to run to your destination — getting soaked in the process — is simply not enjoyable. When hail is involved, your vehicle can easily be subject to costly and difficult to repair damages.

In addition, the sun can wreak havoc on a vehicle, both inside and out. While for many people the sun is one of the main draws to Florida, the fact is that the constant and intense rays can quickly:

  • fade a vehicle's exterior paint and interior fabric
  • prematurely compromise the integrity of the glass
  • degrade and destroy vehicle batteries
  • stress tires and fluids
  • and more

That’s saying nothing about the heat generated by direct sunlight, which can quickly turn the inside of a vehicle into an oven — making it virtually inaccessible until temperatures drop. Researchers in Arizona discovered that vehicles parked under a carport were on average 30 to 40 degrees cooler than those left baking in the hot sun. That makes a big difference when you’re prepared to take a trip.

2) Affordable and Easy to Install

Adding an attached garage is a project that can take weeks to finish and come with a hefty price tag. By contrast, carport installation typically takes just days and is completed at a fraction of the cost of other projects. That means you’ll save money and reduce inconvenience to family and neighbors at the same time.

In addition, each one of our eye-catching aluminum carports is made with top-quality, durable materials to ensure you’ll be able to enjoy your carport for years to come. Options are available to customize the structure to your unique specifications and desires.

3) Add Value to Your Property

REALTORs® agree that prospective buyers are impressed by properties that feature an attached garage or free-standing aluminum carport. They appreciate the peace of mind that their vehicles will be protected. In that regard, metal carports in Florida are a valuable investment in the future.

In addition, high-quality aluminum carports can be used for many other purposes. For instance, these structures make an ideal place to host parties and barbecues, allow pets to exercise during inclement weather, or just relax and make memories with friends and loved ones.

For more than 60 years we’ve been proud to assist countless homeowners in finding property enhancement solutions that match their individual wants and needs. From high-quality aluminum carports, to screen rooms, pool enclosures, Florida storm protection, and much more, we have products that can help make your life easier and more enjoyable. Contact us today to get started with one of our versatile carport options. 

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