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6 Ideas for a Campfire Style Get-Together

6 Ideas for a Campfire Style Get-Together

This year has been an eventful one for sure. You and your family may be looking for some out of the box ideas for vacationing at home or even just a Saturday getaway. Camping is always a fun, family-style way to say “farewell” to the summer — and we’ve got just the idea for you! We will be looking at six simple ways to craft a campfire style get-together that your family and friends will love this season. This can even be done right at home. Step it up a bit over a weekend by pitching your tent in your own backyard.

Clean up your outdoor space

Before hosting your fireside get-together, be sure to spend a few minutes cleaning up your outdoor space. This might involve sweeping away leaves and seeds from your patio, or storing away kids’ toys on the floor. This will create an environment that your family and friends will want to spend time in.

Provide for comfy seating

Depending on how many guests you’ll have, you may decide to increase your seating options. You arrange patio chairs or your patio sofa into a circle, then add floor cushions for added seating.

Bring out the fire pit

Your campfire party, of course, needs a good fire pit to get it all started. You may have one already installed in your patio space, but you can also pick up a portable pit from the store. When using the pit, be sure to practice fire safety and use the pit cover to restrain the flames.

Have plenty of snacks on hand

Of course, we can’t forget about those delicious campfire snacks. Be sure to provide plenty of graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate and skewers for s’mores by the fire—you can even create a “s’mores bar” with sprinkles, nuts and other additions to make these summertime treats extra special. In addition to these sweet ingredients, stock up your patio counter or outdoor kitchen will cool drinks, chips, and more.

Play your favorite tunes

Your campfire party is the perfect chance for you to play your favorite tunes over the outdoor speakers. You can choose to play modern hits, or revisit the campfire gatherings of your youth with songs from the past several decades.

Share stories

As with any good campfire, stories—both real and spooky—are perfect for gathering everyone together and ensuring lots of laughs between friends.

We hope that these ideas help you create a night of laughs, fun and plenty of great memories!


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