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5 Tips When Choosing Replacement Windows

5 Tips When Choosing Replacement Windows

Choosing Replacement Windows

When choosing new replacement windows, it is best to look for modern vinyl or aluminum alternatives to wooden frames. Vinyl and aluminum window frames have a variety of advantages to wooden frames. We made a list of the five major benefits of choosing vinyl or aluminum window frames over wooden window frames.


5 Benefits of Vinyl or Aluminum Window Frames

  • Energy Efficiency

Vinyl or Aluminum window frames are made of 100% recyclable material, so they are more eco-friendly than wooden window frames. Vinyl or aluminum window frames can reduce your home or business's energy bills by providing better insulation than wood window frames. Window frames made of vinyl or aluminum include optional insulation and multiple panes of glass to provide optimal thermal performance.

  • Durability

Vinyl and aluminum window frames offer greater durability than wooden frames. Vinyl window frames can last for decades if taken care of and require very little maintenance. Window frames made of vinyl cannot be dented, do not rot from moisture, and resist warping and fading from sun exposure. Aluminum window frames can last up to 30 years if cared for properly, and modern aluminum frames are not easily dented. Aluminum window frames will not rot, warp, or fade due to exposure to the elements. Maintaining vinyl or aluminum window frames is easy with a quick cleaning of the glass and frames every two to four months.

  • Affordability

Vinyl and aluminum window frames are more affordable than wooden window frames. Aluminum window frames cost less than wooden window frames but slightly more than vinyl. Vinyl is the least expensive of all window options at a fraction of the price of wooden window frames and just below the price of aluminum frames. You can find an elegant and durable selection of vinyl or aluminum frames for less than wooden frames.

  • Aesthetics

Vinyl and aluminum window frames come in a large variety of colors and designs that wooden frames cannot compete against. Aluminum window frames can be repainted, but require repainting less frequently than wooden window frames. Vinyl window frames never require repainting to keep a vibrant appearance.

  • Great for Businesses or Homes

Vinyl and aluminum window frames can be custom-made to meet your dimensional needs, so they easily fit into a business or a home. They can be made to your specifications without the structural considerations that limit the range of wooden window frames.


Choose From Our Vinyl or Aluminum Windows Today

If you are ready to upgrade your existing windows to durable and efficient vinyl or aluminum window frames, contact White Aluminum in Leesburg, FL for a quote today. We can provide a custom solution for your home or business, and we also build a variety of outdoor enclosures like sunrooms and screen rooms.

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