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It's time to fall for Fall!

Make the most out of your sunroom this season by getting it ready for Fall! It’s hard to prepare for Fall or any season besides summer in Central Florida when it remains a constant 90 degrees outside. Even though the sun is still shining and palm tree leaves have not changed shades from green to red, you can still enjoy Fall by incorporating it into your interior design!

Use today’s blog for design inspiration:

  1. Front Door Harvest

Create your very own outdoor harvest just outside of your sunroom! At your local produce market, or pumpkin match gather pumpkins and gourds, and then head to your local craft store for Fall garland. We have also seen homes incorporate potted kale among their outdoor harvest. Kale adds a nice mixture of color to your ensemble! Now that you have everything, assemble in a visually appealing manner. If you do not have a door to hang garland around, use the windows of your sunroom!

  1. Gourd Vases

Use a gourd from a local produce store to create the perfect seasonal vase! All you will need for this project is a few gourds, flowers in shades of Fall colors, and floral tubes. Cut a hole into the gourd, make sure it is large enough to fit floral tubes, then arrange floral tubes into the gourds! Voila!

  1. Falling Leaves

If you don’t have time to create an outdoor harvest, or gourd vases then this last idea is just for you! Hop in the car and head to your local Hobby Lobby, Michael’s or preferred craft store. Gather fall foliage and scatter around tables and mantles within your home. You might also want to add a few pine cones!

How do you decorate your sunroom for the Fall season? Share your ideas and pictures with us on our White Aluminum Facebook page!

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