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Fall Ideas for Your Port Orange Home

With Labor Day behind us, many Central Florida homeowners are moving on to the year’s next big event: the arrival of fall! We cherish this season for its cooler weather and, of course, fun family togetherness. If you want your home’s look to match your excitement for the season, try one of the following ideas for a subtle (or, in some cases, not so subtle) change.

Switch out your current linens for seasonal ones.

If pumpkins and ghouls are a little too bold for your home, don’t worry—you can still get the fall feeling with some subtle décor changes! One such change, switching out your current linens for seasonal options, is especially easy. Replace the bedding and other linens (such as towels or tablecloths) in your home with warmly colored pieces to usher in the season. Small towels or washcloths printed with pumpkins or fall leaves are small but impactful ways to get the effect.

While you’re in the process of switching up your linens, you may also want to add comfy, cozy pieces (such as extra-large throw pillows and quilts) to your living room sofa or other seating areas. Warmth and comfort are big parts of fall, so this easy switch is especially appropriate.

Design your own DIY centerpiece.

For a unique decoration on a kitchen countertop or dining room table, take the do-it-yourself route! Pick up a mid-sized tray in a warm fall color—next, add candles, pine cones, warm colored flowers, and other fall materials for a simple centerpiece!

Hang up a fall themed wreath.

Wreaths can be great décor pieces throughout the year! For your fall themed wreath, you can pick up a “base” wreath to get you started. If you pick up a plain ring for your wreath, consider wrapping it in burlap for an easy to recognize fall look. You can also pick up a vine wreath from a local arts and crafts store for a more rustic feel. Stick in warm colored flowers and glue down small pine cones and a ribbon or two for a festive look!

Turn arts and crafts into easy décor.

If you have young, creative kids, this is where they come in! Encourage your little ones to create their own fall themed arts and crafts to display around the house for an easy décor solution. Pumpkin shaped picture frames, handprint turkey feathers… all are great ideas! Just do some research and find a craft or two your kids will enjoy.

Create a fall aroma from scratch.

One of the most subtle but characteristic parts of fall: sweet, warm aromas that fill the home. There’s a reason why candles, plug-in scents and similar items are so popular this time of year! Fortunately, you can get these same scents at home. Simmer cloves, cinnamon sticks, a cut-up apple, orange peels and a small amount of vanilla extract to warm up your home and give it that sweet fall scent.

What part of the fall season are you most excited for? Whatever it is, there simple ideas can make your season that much more festive.

Fall Ideas for Your Port Orange Home

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