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Florida in the Fall: Why We Love a Change of Season

Some say that Florida only has three seasons, but we disagree! The autumnal equinox happens when the sun moves directly over the equator, making day and night about equal in length. But we know fall means much more than a change in the sun’s position—it’s one of our favorite times of the year! Here’s why:

Cool down… For many of us, fall is a chance to cool off after a long summer. It’s also the best time to don the boots, scarves and sweaters that’ve been collecting dust in the back of our closets.

…and cozy up. There’s nothing like thick blankets and a warm hot cocoa on a brisk fall day!

A change of color. We all love to watch the leaves turn from green to shades of rich orange, yellow and red. While not as vivid as it is up north, Florida does have some nice change of color, especially for trees like the Florida maple, cypress, Sugarberry, and Persimmon.

The best cooking and baking of the year. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the start of the holiday season—there’s bound to be lots of great cookies, cakes, and other sweets during the fall, and freshly made pumpkin pie is the epitome of autumn flavors.

A chance to redecorate. If home improvement is your passion, fall is a great time to reassess your home’s interior and go for a new, cozy fall look. Deck out your home in seasonal décor and enjoy the fun, homey atmosphere.

Family togetherness. Whether you’re huddled inside together because of the cold or are gathering for a Thanksgiving dinner, fall has a way of bringing together everyone in the family. Make the most of this time!

Fall gives us a chance to treasure old family traditions and make new ones. Do you have a favorite fall time memory? Share it below!

Florida in the Fall: Why We Love a Change of Season

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