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In the Garden

Over the last few months we have discussed which fruits and vegetables thrive in Central Florida, and where to plant them in the garden. But, what about proper watering schedules? One of the most important keys to the success of your garden is knowing when, and how much to water your new plants.

The number one thing we can advise you to do when caring for your plants is to check the soil. The soil will reveal when a plant needs watering, and when it does not. Today we will address two different scenarios: potted plants and in-ground plants.

If you have not transplanted your plants into the ground yet, we recommend picking up each pot prior to watering it. Eventually you will be able to gauge if the plant needs watering or not based on how heavy it is. If the pot is heavy, then its soil is moist and does not need watering and if it is relatively light, then water the plant slowly until you can see water draining out of the bottom. Afterwards, pick up the potted plant again, check to see how heavy it is, and if it still feels light you’ll want to rewater it.

Plants that have been transplanted to the ground are a different story compared to potted plants. Follow these simple tips for all garden plants:

  1. Watering timers are a great invention, but do not rely on them since overwatering is just as dangerous at underwatering.

  2. Try to water your plants in the morning. Watering in the morning will allow them time to dry out during the day.

  3. We recommend taking the time to add mulch throughout your garden. Mulch will delay water evaporation from the soils surface.

What watering tips and tricks do you have for other White Aluminum fans? Share them with us on our Facebook page!


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