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Central Florida Home Improvement: Decorating with Whitewashed Floors

A new trend we’re seeing more and more of is the whitewashing of hardwood floors. This effect—done by adding a whitewash coat of water and paint to your floors—can change the look of your home in a subtle but effective way.

Today, we’re looking at a few of our favorite ways to decorate with whitewashed floors. We hope they help you make an impact on the style of your home in 2016.

Open up your home

One of the best and most popular traits of whitewashed floors is their ability to brighten up a space. You can take that new brightness to the next level by complementing your whitewashed floors with wide open windows. This is a great idea for those who love bright, open, airy spaces—and when it comes to window dressings, keep it simply with minimal treatments (such as sheer white curtains) or even no treatments at all.

If light and bright is your kind of living space, you can’t go wrong with a pairing of whitewashed floors and big, open windows.

Create a cottage escape…

For a cottage style escape that’s still bright and comfortable, pair the natural rustic look of whitewashed floors with cozy, comfortable textures and furniture pieces. Cottage style décor is characterized by comfy seating, touches of nature and a mix of patterns and textures, so make your space your own by adding these elements and more. The end result will be a comfortable, relaxing retreat you look forward to coming home to every day!

…or add a beachy feel to your home

Whitewashed floors are also a great option for those looking to add a casual, beachy feel to their home—in fact, the whitewashed look of hardwood floors almost mirrors the cool look of driftwood in appearance! For a coastal atmosphere in your living space, you can add touches of the sea and sand through blue accents, coastal themed décor pieces like ocean paintings or sea glass sculptures and soft, casual seating options. These, when paired with the whitewashed wood floors, can help to create a relaxed, beachy atmosphere you and your family will enjoy.

Add pops of color

Finally, don’t forget to add bright pops of color to your space through the addition of your walls, furniture and accent pieces. The allure of whitewashed floors is their light, neutral color that blends with virtually anything in your home. However, to avoid having the floors make your space look a little too stark or clinical, you can warm up the space with rich colors. Consider decorating with furniture in your favorite earthy colors, or using colorful rugs to layer over your whitewashed floors for a multidimensional look.

For those who like the casual, brightening effect they bring, whitewashed floors can be just the trick—and these décor ideas only make it better!


Central Florida Home Improvement: Decorating with Whitewashed Floors

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