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4 Ways to a Smart Home in 2016

In today’s technological age, it seems that just about everything can be done on a computer or smartphone—including processes like home maintenance and security. Today, we are looking at a few ways you can use this tech to turn your house into a smart home in 2016.

Home security

Home security tech is growing in popularity today—and it’s easy to see why! Not only is security an important part of our everyday lives at home, it has become increasingly easy to obtain due to technological advances like smartphone locks, video doorbells and other helpful tools. Tech like this eliminates the need to run to the door to see who’s knocking, and the worry that comes with wondering whether or not you remembered to lock the door—you can just do it all remotely!

This year, make the switch to one (or more) of these security tools for your home. It’s never been easier to keep your home safe and secure with the touch of a button!

Comfort and efficiency

In addition to providing safety and security, a smart home can keep you cool and comfortable as well! Today, you can purchase and install a programmable thermostat to keep your home as cool or as you warm as you like it, without ever wasting money on an air system that’s always running. This is the perfect addition for homeowners who desire temperatures they can change freely—but who want to save money in the process.


Because entertainment is such a big part of our daily lives, it only makes sense that we make the “smart” conversion here as well. While our smartphones obviously have much of this covered—by providing us with instant videos, music and other content with the touch of a finger—there are ways to make your home smart for entertainment, too. Adding a smart TV (one that has internet connecting capabilities built in, among other features) or speaker system, for example, is a great way to take your home theater to the next level. There are also ways to connect your smartphone to your TV to hold more control over what (and how) you watch. These smart additions are perfect for those families who love to entertain guests… and, of course, be entertained themselves!


Finally, one of the best uses for smart technology in your home is convenience through automation. You shouldn’t have to exert yourself to perform processes and do tasks that can easily be done with the press of a button or turn of a dial—instead, free up that time to enjoy your home and company!

What kinds of processes in the home can be automated? Today, it seems like just about anything can! Your home’s lighting, irrigation, and outdoor recreation like pools can all be controlled with simple, easy-to-use tools. You can even enjoy this luxury with our screen systems that can be opened or closed with the touch of a button!

You don’t have to make a large-scale conversion to a truly “smart” home all at once—instead, try implementing one or two new technologies into your current routine. You may find a tool or system you couldn’t imagine ever living without!

4 Ways to a Smart Home in 2016

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