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Outdoor Decorating Beyond the Holidays: 6 Fun Ideas

The holidays are long behind us, and for many homeowners, that means a lack of inspiration when it comes to outdoor décor. But don’t worry—outdoor décor is for more than just the holidays, and finding the right look and design for your home might be easier than you’d think! Take a look at the six fun ideas we’ve put together below.

Hanging lights

String lights may be associated with the holiday season, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be strung up and enjoyed throughout the year. A string of warm white lights—or festive party lights in your favorite shapes and colors—can be the perfect, simplistic addition to any backyard entertaining space. You can easily string lights from trees in your backyard or from structures such as a carport or pergola.

Outdoor chalkboard

For a unique outdoor decoration, why not make use of this classic childhood staple? With just a few supplies, you can turn a fence or exterior wall into a living décor piece that kids and guests will love writing on. This is a fun idea for children—who can play games or make doodles—as well as adults at your next outdoor party.

Area rug

Area rugs in your favorite colors and prints aren’t just for indoor use anymore! You can add an outdoor rug to your patio or entertaining space to make guests feel more at home during your next dinner party or get together.

Lawn decorations

While you may not be bringing your reindeer or light-up Santa Claus out any time soon, you can still make use of fun lawn decorations in your front yard space. You can pick up ornamental pieces or make your own—we’ve seen old-fashioned wagons be turned into planters for bright flowers, for example.

Water features

Elements of moving water can improve both the look and the overall atmosphere of your outdoor space. Bird fountains or a small waterfall are classic ways to do this, but feel free to pursue a do-it-yourself design, too!

A wreath for every season

To distinguish your home from all the others on the block, a personalized family wreath (or other similar piece) is one of the best ways to do it. While you’ll want to save your tinsel and pine needles for the wintertime, you can use materials like twine or twigs from the backyard to create a wreath that shows off your appreciation of nature, now and throughout the year. No matter how you choose to make your design, you can top it off with family initials for an even more personalized feel.

Which of these outdoor décor projects will you be taking on this spring? We’d love to hear how you plan to dress up your outdoor space beyond the winter season. 

Outdoor Decorating Beyond the Holidays: 6 Fun Ideas

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