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6 Ideas for a Cottage Style Home

Cottage style homes are known for their coziness—and the combination of colors, textures and furniture pieces that accomplish this look. If you’re interested in adding this popular design to your home, we’ve got six ideas for you to try.

Stick to light paint colors

A cottage style home is all about brightness and a comfortable, positive atmosphere—and a key way to achieve this starts with wall color. Your cottage escape should include walls in light, subdued colors like light pinks, creams or cool greys. If you can’t give up your favorite pop of color, put it in a less conspicuous spot—such as an accent pillow or backsplash, for example.

Add faded, weathered or “vintage” pieces

Another big aspect of the cottage look and feel is faded, weathered or “vintage” pieces. Cottage style homes, for the most part, will typically avoid modern pieces and sharp corners in favor of a more “lived-in” look. You can accomplish this through furniture, such as a distressed wood dresser, or flooring—as we have mentioned before, whitewashed wood floors look especially great in cottage style homes.

Opt for open organization

Unlike many modern home design schemes, cottage style homes often take advantage of a more open organization plan—one that, instead of actively hiding storage, lets it show as part of the décor itself. This might mean displaying bowls and dishes on shelves instead of in cabinets, for instance, or keeping a neat pile of magazines on your coffee table. While these ideas may not be loved by the ultra-modern homeowner, they do well for those looking for a comfy cottage getaway.

Keep texture in mind

We’ve come to learn that texture is always an important aspect of any design—but it’s especially crucial to cottage style homes. Look for textures that are comfy, warm and varied—they can be anything from plush area rugs to cozy throw quilts to corduroy slipcovers that make everyday living just a bit cozier.

Hang family photos and make use of handmade trinkets

If you have boxes of old family photos or handmade trinkets sitting in your garage, you can put them to good use in your cottage style bedroom or living space. These touches of family can serve as easy decorations on their own—just throw photos in country style frames and decorate empty surfaces with small family knickknacks.

Balance it all out

When it comes to decorating cottage style homes, be sure to balance your look out. While faded, weathered pieces of furniture may fit well in a cottage space, you can avoid having your home look too worn out by adding clean surfaces and a variety of newer touches.

Whether you revamp the look of your home completely or opt for a one-room change, we know that these ideas can help you feel more comfortable and right at home.

6 Ideas for a Cottage Style Home

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