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Snowbirds’ Tips: Prepping Your Home Away from Home

Snowbirds’ Tips: Prepping Your Home Away from Home

Is the Sunshine State your second home? Our state is home to beautiful winters and unbeatably pleasant temperatures--but when it comes time to head back north, you may be wondering how to best prepare your Florida home for the months ahead.

Don't worry--we've got you covered! Take a look at today's blog to see the projects and improvements worth pursuing as you prepare to head back home.

Take care of tree maintenance

We may say it every season, but it's always worth checking! Tree maintenance is one of the best ways to ensure the safety of your home (and your neighbors' homes!) during Florida's summer storm season.

Overhanging tree limbs should always be kept neat, tidy, and out of the "danger zone" where a swift gust of wind can knock them over. Even if a tree branch isn't getting in your way directly, if it's dead, it's always worth removing so that the rest of the tree can grow healthily. Also be sure to keep an eye out for branches that hang especially close to windows or over your driveway.

You don't need to remove the branches yourself! For big jobs that require more than a quick removal, your local landscaping company can easily help you get your landscape into tip-top shape for the months ahead.

Protect your home with impact windows

Year-round locals are able to respond to storm news by putting up hurricane shutters (if need be). If you're not in town for those summer months, however, you can enjoy a much greater peace of mind by eliminating the need for shutters altogether. White Aluminum's impact resistant windows can keep your windows (and, in turn, the inside of your home) safe and protected from the elements outside.

Secure your ride

If you plan to leave your car down south, consider taking measures to keep it a little bit safer this summer. If you can't store it in your garage, a great option is to install a carport! When you're here, the carport will provide ample shade--keeping your car's interior from getting too hot during the summer months. When you're not here, your carport can serve as a barrier between your ride and the debris that summer storms are known to stir up.

Cover your pool

If your pool enclosure has seen better days (or if you don't have one at all), you may consider repairing it for sturdier, more dependable protection come storm season. At the very least, it will help to keep your water clear of unwanted litter and debris from everyday weather.

You may still be in town for a few months, but it's always helpful to get a jump start on home improvement projects. Not a vacationer? Even local residents can benefit from these tips for enjoying a safer, more secure home this summer and all year long!

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