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Get Your Florida Sunroom Ready for Spring with These 3 Tips

Get Your Florida Sunroom Ready for Spring with These 3 Tips

The advent of spring typically brings thoughts of to-do lists or spring cleaning to homeowners. Cleaning out gutters that have gotten clogged up all winter, uncovering and prepping the pool, fine tuning the lawn mower, so on and so forth. But have you considered taking just a few minutes out of your day to make sure that your Florida sunroom is in tip-top shape for the new season? Read on to learn more about prepping this lavish living space for a busy year ahead!

Clean Your Door and Window Tracks

In order to best clean out your sunroom door and window tracks, we recommend plugging in your handy dandy vacuum and sucking all the junk out of those crevices. If this does not offer a complete cleaning service, consider spraying the debris out from the outside with a garden hose. When doing so, pay extra attention to your weep holes and make sure that nothing was accidentally pushed into them during cleaning, because they drain the water from your tracks during heavy rain. After your tracks have been cleaned and dried, use a silicon only spray of your choosing to lubricate the tracks for easy rolling all year long!

Freshen Up the Screens

Patio enclosures are a fantastic low-maintenance asset because they are made with aluminum, which resists dirt and grime much better than fiberglass. However, there is a little elbow grease required to keep your sunroom screens looking fresh! For most screens, simply take them off their tracks and spray them down outside with a garden hose. Shake out any excess water before placing them back in their tracks. For extra dirty screens, you may need to use a soft brush with a bucket of soapy water to really get out the gunk.

Make Your Glass Crystal Clear

Many sunroom owners already know that one of the best features of this space is the incredible view of the outdoors that can be taken in while still in the comfort of your own home. The only thing between you and that breath-taking view outside is the series of windows in your sunroom. Naturally, dirt and other debris may accumulate on your glass over time, hindering your favorite view. Touch up all your windows at the start of spring with your preferred glass cleaner or use an eco-friendlier option such as white vinegar and water, and be sure to wipe them off on a regular basis.

As we welcome spring (and its subsequent cousin, summer), temperatures are sure to heat up and outdoor wildlife is going to skyrocket in numbers – including insects and pests. For these reasons, a Florida sunroom is the ideal extension for your home to enjoy your surrounding landscape while being sheltered from adverse weather conditions, annoying critters, and more. No matter how you look at it, your whole house will feel bigger with a Florida sunroom by White Aluminum & Windows! Ours can be built to complement the current architecture of your home, and they even promise top-notch energy efficiency. For these and other services including awnings, pool enclosures, and carports for your Florida home, contact White Aluminum today!

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