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Our 6 Steps to a Bright, Beautiful Kitchen

Your kitchen is where family fun and culinary magic happens—so you naturally want a one-of-a-kind design to match! If your kitchen feels dull, dark or lacking in character, we’ve got six transformative ideas to try in today’s blog.

Let in natural light

You can always count on your kitchen’s ceiling or under-cabinet lights to light the way during your midnight snack—but for all other times of the day, take advantage of the natural light! It will add a bright, comforting quality to your space. If you haven’t already, consider taking down curtains in your kitchen or surrounding space, or switch them out for lighter varieties to let in as much light as possible.

Brighten up your cabinets

The color of your cabinets can drastically affect the look of your space, so keep that in mind as you design your new (and improved!) kitchen. Don’t feel like you need to stick to traditional wood cabinets, either—modern looks come in virtually every color and can add a streamlined look to your kitchen space.

You can, of course, say goodbye to color altogether for your upper cabinets! Clear cabinets can make your kitchen seem lighter and brighter, and can allow you to show off colorful dishes or décor as well.

Add spice to your kitchen backsplash

You can brighten up your cabinets without changing them at all—just put something bright next to them, like a colorful mosaic backsplash

Consider a reflective change

The kitchen might seem like the last place you would find a mirror in—but in fact, it’s an idea worth considering, since mirrors can brighten up a space and make them feel bigger, too. Don’t stick to traditional full-body mirrors for your kitchen. Instead, try decorative mirror wall art on your breakfast nook wall, or include reflective accents on your kitchen counters.

Freshen up your kitchen floor

Is your kitchen floor the best it could be? If not, consider brightening it with a floor switch (from dark wood to whitewashed floors, tiles, etc.). Be sure to research lots of stain-resistant varieties, especially if you’re someone who loves to try new recipes in the kitchen! If you’re not quite ready to change your floors completely, adding a new rug by the sink or breakfast area might be exactly what you need to freshen up your space with a bright pop of color.

Rethink your countertops

If you feel uninspired in your kitchen, brighten up the space where you do the most—the countertop! Marble is a classically beautiful choice that’s almost perfectly white without being too sterile-looking. Other bright options include tiles in white or alternating white with a color—it’s up to you

We hope that these ideas help you bring your kitchen to its best and brightest state yet. Whether you’re prepping sandwiches for the family or are throwing a big dinner party, you can count on this space to deliver functionality and a beautiful backdrop along the way.

Our 6 Steps to a Bright, Beautiful Kitchen

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