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Pet Solutions for Your Port Orange Home

Pet Solutions for Your Port Orange Home

Are you looking for ways to give Fido a place of his own? Or do you simply want to keep his fur-covered clutter out of your home's living spaces?

Man's best friend deserves home solutions that keep him as safe and happy as you. In today's blog, we'll be sharing ways to integrate your dog's needs into your home's design. Take a look!

Create a cozy storm nook

When it comes to everyday Florida storms, you may know there's nothing to worry about--that it's just a result of heat and humidity--but your four-legged friend might not be so assured. While many dogs are notorious for their fear of thunder, you can help keep them calm by carving out a cozy storm nook for them. This could be the bottom of a bedroom closet, your laundry room, or even the garage--wherever Fido rushes off to at the first clap of thunder, keep that space comfy and cozy with his bed and a few toys to keep him occupied.

Dedicate a space to Fido...

... and his toys, his treats, and just about everything else he needs! While you will of course want to keep the treats out of his direct reach, containing all these items in a handy area (like your sunroom or walk-in pantry) will allow you to contain dog-related clutter in one tucked-away spot.

Give him a chance to enjoy the great outdoors

Every dog owner has been there--even though Fido's already gone to the bathroom, he still can't resist the urge to head outdoors and enjoy the weather. (Here in Florida, can you blame him?) Even if you don't have the time for another walk, you can help him enjoy the outdoor time he's been craving by using your sunroom as a dog-friendly spot where your pal can play with toys, keep an eye on the backyard, or simply lounge around and soak up the sun on a lazy day. You already know that sunrooms are some of the most versatile additions you can make to your home--now, even Fido can get in on the fun!

We hope that these ideas help you achieve the perfect space for your furry friend. If we can help you create a space that's even more pet friendly, call us today and we'll be happy to help.

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