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Kitchen Remodel Ideas That Will Spruce up Any Space

Kitchen Remodel Ideas That Will Spruce up Any Space

Look around your kitchen. Does it spark any joy? Have you outgrown your kitchen? It’s time for a kitchen remodel if you’ve answered no and yes to these questions. A kitchen that has character, sparks joy, and looks inviting motivates you to spend more time in your kitchen. Above all, you’d want a kitchen that meets all your needs. You can achieve this by knocking down a wall, adding more lighting, shifting the sink, more storage, or adding more hosting and entertainment spots in your kitchen. Try these tips if you intend to do a slight readjustment or a full-on kitchen remodeling.

Double Island? Why Not

The double kitchen island gives you a separate meal prepping and dining space. If you love hosting cooking parties or having friends over, you got your solution. A double kitchen island will make your hosting fun and memorable. You may assume that you need a big kitchen to enjoy the perks of having two islands in your kitchen. A small kitchen can also hold two islands. It takes technique, skill, and design to create a breathtaking double kitchen island in a small kitchen. You better leave the double island installation to the pros. If you live around San Antonio, give a call to Cabinet IQ. They’re the best in kitchen remodeling in San Antonio.

Add Touches of Black

Black brings chicness to a kitchen. Whether you decide on a monochromatic black theme or a mix of black and neutrals, it’s a beautiful color for your kitchen. Contrast black with lots of white in your kitchen. You can pair white drawers or cabinets with black marble countertops. Ever thought of installing a black sink? A black sink paired with a neutral backsplash is magical. How about black pendant lights over the kitchen island. Don’t misconstrue the beauty and power of black-colored appliances in the kitchen. Contrasting white-colored walls with black-colored open shelves will also spruce up your kitchen.

Mix Metals

Mixed metal finishes often overpower matching metal finishes. It lets you layer textures and add character to your kitchen. But don’t overdo it. Pair metals that go together and distribute the metals from the ceiling to the floor. But contrasting is key to a beautiful kitchen. A perfect way to contrast metals is using metal finishes with different undertones. For instance, mixing brass and nickels is an ideal way to pair warm and cool undertones. Pair brass chairs with a polished nickel pendant light to make your island stand out. You can also contrast shiny and matte finishes.

Open and Airy

The secret to an open and airy kitchen lies in the flow, spaciousness, and light. Improve the flow by creating more space in the kitchen. You may have to replace a wall with a sliding glass door to create more walkable space. What’s more, the glass doors will let in more light into the kitchen. It’s also a way to merge other dining areas or living areas with the kitchen. Replace your bulky furniture with light and thinner furniture.

Do away with your upper cabinets and install open shelves. They’ll create a feeling of spaciousness and let more light into the kitchen. Add reflective surfaces to get the multiplier effect. Use paints to make your kitchen appear spacious, lighter, and airier. Whites and other neutrals will create an illusion of a big kitchen.

Sleeky Drawers

You get more storage, better organization, and a contemporary look in your kitchen. Kitchens have always had lower cabinets. Replacing these cabinets with sleek drawers will give your kitchen an updated lift. What’s more, drawers are more convenient than cabinets, and they save on space.

Finals Words

A disastrous layout, chipping paint, worn-out hardware, or old faucet makes the heart of your home less inviting. You don’t need to break your budget to get a fancy kitchen. It only takes a new coat of paint or switching, a little spruce, and a functional layout to get a fresh-looking kitchen. Use the tips above to turn an old crampy kitchen into a spacious, beautiful, and inviting space.

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