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How a Sunroom Keeps Cool

How a Sunroom Keeps Cool

Sunrooms are an incredible way to create a stunning, sheltered space into your home all with an outdoor feel and without any of the drawbacks that come along with it. One of the biggest concerns that many people have with them however is how they keep cool. For a property in Florida where there is sun around all the time, it makes total sense that people think it could be a real problem. The good news however is that for a good architect, designer or installation service, these problems are solved before they even happen.


One of the key factors in keeping a sunroom cool comes form the insulation that is used in the structure of the renovation. Although sunrooms are of course mostly glass, that doesn’t mean insulation is limited. There are multiple technologies out there that can be added to the framework as well as to the glass itself in order to make sure that heat is kept out as much as possible. By coating the glass with the correct product, you reduce glare, minimize heat intensity, and generally increase the lifespan of the sunroom and its usefulness all round.


In addition to insulation, ventilation is still another curial area that needs to be used for the optimum heat reduction in your sunroom. Using a professional installation service or HVAC specialist is the best way to go about it, having heat extraction systems in place to release the heat form the structure in the easiest and most convenient ways while not letting more hot air back inside.

Features (Windows and Doors)

Finally, sunrooms are so often designed without windows or door sin place for natural ventilation, when in actual fact, having or adding these features is one of the easiest possible ways to reduce the heat in the room. Having moving air or even creating a pressure gap forcing air to move quickly through the structure is a great way to get the relaxing and calm space you need without any negatives.


Finally, there is also the factor of adding external products to the sunroom that can help with reducing heat. Simple things like blinds on the most sun dominant glass walls and even the roof can massively control and limit the amount of direct sunlight that is allowed into the sunroom. That of course has a huge effect on the temperature of the room, and in addition to fans or AC, it makes a big difference to the climate no matter which way you’d like it to go.

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