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Protect Your House from Mold and Moisture with Vinyl Window Replacements

Protect Your House from Mold and Moisture with Vinyl Window Replacements

You may require replacement vinyl windows if you're losing the battle with moisture and mildew in your home. But don’t hire just anyone to help. Make sure you find a reputable, qualified window contractor who offers replacement windows and window installation services. 

While Florida and the surrounding states are known for having a variety of weather conditions, the region is also prone to long wet periods during particular times of the year. While rain keeps everything green and lush, the moisture it leaves behind might encourage mold growth. 

Your home's windows are highly susceptible to mold and moisture. And remember, mold isn’t just unappealing; it’s also a homeowner’s worst enemy. 

WA Corporate is here to go over your many convenient options for high-quality replacement vinyl windows. 

Replacing Windows for Your Health 

The first location where mold can quickly develop is on the windowsill. Typically, a home's windowsill is composed of wood. When water leaks through the window and hits a wooden windowsill, that sill can be readily damaged. 

Mold can grow right on the glass panes of older windows, especially in the corners. When moisture reaches the windowsill, it seeps into the window, potentially allowing mold to grow. The more moisture that can penetrate the wood, the more likely mold will form.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, mold exposure can cause a variety of health problems. Eye and skin irritation, sinus issues, coughing, and wheezing are all symptoms of mold exposure. This type of fungus can also aggravate respiratory disorders, such as asthma and COPD. 

Fortunately, replacing your windows will probably solve your window moisture problem and the risk of mold-related health problems. New vinyl, fiberglass, or composite windows are available in various elegant styles to complement any home décor. 

How New Windows Can Help Stop Mold

New vinyl windows will work wonders in preventing moisture from getting into places it shouldn’t be in your Florida home. How do new windows block mold? The answer’s in their make-up and design. 

Firstly, new windows will have a suitable seal and a double-pane structure. This means that very few drafts will make it through. 

What’s more, moisture from rainstorms and other sources will be less likely to leak through your new windows, as well. That means water is less likely to get inside the frame of replacement vinyl windows and end up on the windowsill at all, thanks to the vinyl design. 

Defend Your House Against Mold

Mold is no joke. That’s why you should take any necessary action to prevent its growth in your home. As you’ve learned today, installing new windows is one excellent measure against moisture and fungal growth.

New windows (like replacement vinyl windows) ensure that no moisture gets in. And if no water gets in, no mold can form, effectively protecting your house and loved ones from structural issues or home damage, odors, and potential health problems. If you have any doubt about mold, get a mold inspection performed to be safe and to ensure it is not a hazard to your family.

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