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Best Window Buying Guide: Double-Hung & Single-Hung

Best Window Buying Guide: Double-Hung & Single-Hung

Double-hung windows have grown in popularity because of their timeless aesthetics and adaptive performance capacities. Read on for more about the history and features of both window options available to Florida homeowners for replacement windows.


History of Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows were originally introduced in the UK. There invention is credited to Robert Hooke, a surveyor from London. Double-hung windows emerged following the Great Fire of 1666 in London, although the specific date is unknown. The earliest known double hung windows date back to the 1670s and are still as they are produced now. Double-hung windows become popular after World War II. This is when home building emerged after soldiers started settling down in suburbs.


What Exactly Are Double Hung Windows?

Double-hung windows are a type of window at which both bands from the framework are operable. A single-hung window has an upper sash that is fixed in position and cannot tilt or move. Double-hung windows contain straps that allow them to be tipped inward for easier cleaning. This allowed one to clean the windows easier.


CWS and PGT Double Hung Windows

CWS and PGT offer several types of double-hung windows developed for a variety of homeowners. Whether you are searching for affordable priced vinyl replacement windows, or an impact-resistant storm solution, we've got windows to fit a variety of needs. There are a variety of color options available. Thus, we're confident we will find the ideal window for your project.


Types of Double-Hung Windows

Before discussing types of double-hung replacement windows, we’d like to go over the differences in them.


Single-Hung versus Double-Hung Windows

Single-hung windows are a popular choice for one reason – cost. They are often the standard used in home construction and office spaces. Single-hung windows cost about 10-20% less than double-hung windows. In single-hung replacement windows the bottom panel or sash, moves while the upper sash remains fixed. When they are opened the bottom sash obstructs the upper sash. Single-hung windows are also difficult to clean in those homes that have them on the 2nd or 3rd story as they do not open inside for easy cleaning. They also offer limited ventilation. In areas such as a bathroom they can cause higher moisture levels from humidity.

Double-hung windows offer the ability to open each dash rather than just the bottom, this allows for better ventilation. Being able to open and tilt each sash offers easier cleaning, no matter the location of the window. Since they can tilt inwards it allows you to clean the interior and exterior.

Long-term a double hung replacement window is a better, more energy efficient choice. If you're concerned about costs utility companies may offer rebates to homeowners. This can help reduce your cost of your replacement window project.


WinGuard® Vinyl Double-Hung Windows

WinGuard® Vinyl offers homeowners an energy efficient window that helps lower heating and cooling bills. They offer a removable top and bottom sash for easy cleaning and Comfort Lift handles. They're ideal for lanais, Florida sunrooms and even patios. They come in a variety of glass tints and frame colors.


EnergyVue® Vinyl Double Hung Windows

EnergyVue® features SecureConnect patented technology that have welded sash corners for added strength. They also have a removable top and bottom sash for increased ventilation. With a stylish Comfort Lift handle and a multi-chamber frame, they offer increased energy efficiency. They're ideal for Florida sunrooms, lanais and patios. These also offer a variety of colors for frames and glass tint.


StormStrong™ Series Aluminum Double Hung Windows

Our StormStrong™ series windows from CWS allow you to easily slide your window up or down whether it be from the top of the window or the bottom. StormStrong ™ features a rugged aluminum screen that fills the entire window opening allowing you to keep those pesky bugs out, but let the cool breeze in. They're available in Low-E glass and available with roll form or extruded screen. Aluminum screen does not rust, corrode or stain offering you a long-term option in windows.


Aria Series Double-Hung Windows

Aria Series™ double-hung vinyl non-impact windows offer tilt-in options for both sashes. This allows you easy cleaning access from the inside as well as dual sliding options.  They have dual action automatic self-locking sash locks for easy opening and closing. A variety of frame colors, grid styles and glass colors and finishes are available.


Double Hung Window Advantages

Double-hung windows are the very prominent window fashion for many years in United States, and also that popularity will not appear to be going away any time in the future. The advantages are well known, but here is a quick run-down of the most frequent features that lead individuals towards dual hung windows:


  • Energy-efficiency

Much more important than these days, homeowners enjoy that double-hung replacement windows are more energy-efficient. The dual locking makes them sealed and also the effortless venting enables one to let in some outdoors on a beautiful evening and rely on your own house's ventilation system. You might even use features such as low-e fiberglass or glass elements for more excellent durability.


  • Ventilation

With double-hung windows, you also are able to move the upper sash down or underneath belt up to allow the fresh atmosphere in whatever fashion you choose. It's simple to use, and is simple to close again whenever you are done or the Florida weather changes mid-day. Additionally, it is perfect if you want to use a window air-conditioning unit.


  • Easy Cleaning

Since double hung are so versatile, they are easier to wash. It's possible to tilt the sashes in your direction to clean down them either side, which means there isn't any back and forth to wash them. That is very convenient if your windows have been on the second or next tale, and that means there is no work of a ladder to clean the glass.


Double Hung Window Cons

Every style of window has its drawbacks. While double hung replacement windows are an excellent choice, there can be reasons why they may not be right for the house or a specific room. Listed below are a couple of downsides to think about:


  • Price

Double-hung windows allow both sashes to become fully operable, thus are more costly than single hung windows. Even though it is still less expensive compared to different, more complex manners of replacing windows.


  • Maintenance

Double-hung windows will need to get washed and dusted regularly to keep them in good operational shape. The lock mechanisms might need to be oiled or serviced to prevent becoming sticking. Modern double-hung windows offer less maintenance, especially with the newer aluminum or vinyl frames; yet, it is more maintenance than compared to single hung windows.



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