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What You Need to Know When Replacing Your Rental's Windows

What You Need to Know When Replacing Your Rental's Windows

Originally, the main function of windows in a house was to let light in and keep hot and cold air out. But today's windows do a lot more than that. Modern windows help to soundproof a house and they are vital to keeping the home comfortable throughout the year.

But these functions are hardly the things people see when they look at a home's windows. The primary way people view the windows on a property is as decorative pieces. Windows are mostly evaluated for their overall appeal and for how they fit into the home's style and design.

It is only after people are satisfied that a home's windows look sufficiently attractive that they start to examine their functionality. This is why the appearance of the windows on a rental property plays a huge role in the home's ability to attract higher-paying tenants on a steady basis.

Even if other parts of a home are in the best possible shape, if the windows are worn-out, the home will get a negative response from prospective tenants. That’s because the home's exterior creates a bad impression in visitors' minds and that image lingers in the person's mind.

Having windows that are functional and up-to-date in your rental property is not something you should wait to do at a convenient time. The quality of your rental's windows is a constant advertisement of what tenants can expect to find inside the home, explains Cavalier Estates, a property management company in Tampa.

Good replacement windows should be a vital part of your marketing strategy. They can destroy or elevate the curb appeal of your home. The investment you make in installing good windows is often repaid many times over in the higher rents you can charge.


Rental Replacement Windows

If the windows in your rental are showing the following signs, it is time to change them:

  • If they are stiff, noisy, or get stuck when being opened or closed
  • Their frames are chipped, decaying, and showing signs of water damage
  • They are drafty, even when are closed
  • They let in outside noise
  • Moisture builds up between the panes
  • The homes energy costs have been steadily rising

And here are the things you should know that will help you make the best choice when changing your rental property's windows.

Types of window installation

Florida Replacement Windows

There are two types of window installation methods: full-frame installation and retrofit installation.

A full-frame installation involves complete removal of the old window, along with its frame and interior trim. In its place, a new window is installed, with a new frame and interior trim. This type of installation is best for when the home's windows are totally worn-out or broken.

A full-frame install is a more thorough type of installation because it addresses the issues that existed with the old windows.

The second type of window installation is the retrofit installation. Here the frame of the old window is left intact and the new window is inserted into it. A retrofit installation does not try to solve the previous issues of the old window.

It is mainly a cosmetic upgrade. And is mostly used when the goal is to renovate and give the home a face lift. Retrofit installations are cheaper.


The style of the window

Replacement Window Styles


There are also two dominant window styles: sliding windows and crank windows.

Crank windows are contained in casements encircled by a compression seal casing that give the windows an airtight seal. They are awning-style windows which are operated by a crank. Generally, they offer a better weather-seal and are the more energy-efficient of the two window styles.

Crank windows are more expensive than sliding windows and open completely to allow maximum air circulation. They are the best performing windows in the market. And can be used effectively in tall narrow openings.

Sliding windows slide forward and backward inside the frame and along the sash in order to open and close. The sliders on these windows have a weather seal where the sash meets the frame. But the seal is not as airtight as the seal found on crank windows, so energy loss is common with these windows. Sliding windows are usually cheaper than crank windows.


Double-pane versus triple-pane windows

PGT Replacement Windows

The final consideration for the type of windows to install in a rental is whether to choose double-pane or triple-pane windows. The major factor here is the location of the property. If the home is in an area with harsh winters, go with triple pane. For all other locations, double-pane windows will serve.

Double-pane windows have two panes of glass held apart by a spacer, with krypton or argon gas trapped in the space between.  The trapped gas radically increases the energy-saving capabilities of the windows.

Triple-pane windows have two gas-filled chambers in place of the one chamber that double-pane windows have. This gives triple-pane windows more energy-saving capabilities than double-paned windows. Their additional insulation also means they create a more efficient soundproof barrier.

In conclusion, the best type of windows to install in a rental depends on why the windows are being changed, the size of the window openings, the location of the property, and how soon the rental income from the property can repay the investment.


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