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Do I Need Hurricane Force High Impact Windows?

Do I Need Hurricane Force High Impact Windows?

After a storm like Hurricane Matthew, one of the major questions you may be asking yourself is whether or not you need to install high impact windows in your home in order to be better prepared for the next big storm.

Trying to figure out the best way to protect your home during a hurricane is important since Florida is constantly threatened by hurricanes and strong winds. It is sensible that you protect your property with high impact resistant windows and doors.

When you choose to install impact windows in your home or business, you do not need to install shutters. Selecting impact windows instead of storm shutters will give your home a cleaner and more refined appearance. And you may even choose to have impact windows customized to meet your aesthetic requirements.   

These cost–effective windows are made from glass that is resistant to shattering. In fact, the glass cannot be damaged during any storm, no matter how strong it is. But in addition to keeping your property safe during hurricane season, there are many more benefits including:

  • These windows will save you tons of money on your power bill. Your investment will pay off in just a few short years.
  • Noise reduction, as the windows help to block sound.
  • Many insurance companies offer discounts to those who install impact windows in their homes.
  • Help you to keep the heat out during hot summer months.
  • You can have the impact windows tinted to help block out harmful UV rays.
  • You don’t have to worry about anyone breaking into your home through a smashed window.

When you live near the coast in Florida, the need for impact windows is great. Many house lots are approximately 100 feet by 100 feet in size. If rain is coming down at 2 inches per hour during a hurricane, it will drop over 12,000 gallons of water on your house lot. If there is debris flying around and your window is broken, a lot of that water is going to end up inside your home. Once one window is broken, your home is extremely vulnerable to massive destruction; the air pressure in the home will expand rapidly, and something will give way, such as your roof, another window, a door, or even a wall. The damage that will occur to your home and belongings will be vast.

In Florida, building codes have changed to include the requirement of impact windows in new homes and those that are being remodeled. Installing these windows significantly lowers your chances of major damage to your home. Hurricane impact windows have advanced to the point where they can withstand Category 5 wind conditions, and the debris that goes with it.

So next time a hurricane hits your neighborhood, don’t be caught unprotected.  Let the White Aluminum team help you stay safe and secure.

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