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A Warm Welcome to the Latest Innovation; Our New Exclusive Picture Frame Pool Enclosures

A Warm Welcome to the Latest Innovation; Our New Exclusive Picture Frame Pool Enclosures

Florida views can be priceless, after all that is part of the reason so many people want to live here. Why disturb it with more aluminum then you need?  Now we can help you achieve unobstructed views through your screened enclosure with our new application; The “Picture Frame” pool enclosure.

Our new Picture Frame pool enclosure is engineered to eliminate all the internal posts and chair rails to provide you with the most spectacular views. We can reach spans up to 24’ between vertical beams and eliminate the horizontal chair rail in the process.

The new Picture Frame pool enclosure is ideal for any cage that has a water view (gulf, bay or lake), golf course view, or nature view. The enclosure creates the illusion that the image is “picture framed” as if the view is a piece of art.

The picture frame pool enclosures are built with the latest structurally advanced extruded aluminum available today. And because the beams are much larger and stronger than traditional pool enclosures, they are able to span widths of over 25’ leaving you, well, a remarkable view. 

And the price? The process is slightly more expensive compared to traditional cage enclosures. However, the huge difference in look and value offsets the modest added cost. In addition, the engineering behind this new design meets and exceeds hurricane codes due to stronger and more consistent materials.

There are many benefits to upgrading to a Picture Frame pool enclosure, including:

  • Bring new life and feel to your old pool cage
  • Enhance your home’s value and beauty
  • Keep the debris and bugs out while you enjoy the view
  • Enjoy more sun for tanning
  • Meets all Florida hurricane standards
  • Custom designs and roofing options
  • Licensed and highly trained staff, always

White Aluminum is the leader in innovative pool enclosure designs and can do site specific engineering with our in-house engineering staff. We can help you install a completely new enclosure or our team can remodel any existing screen enclosure to re–designing a panoramic view on site. Worried about golf balls or other flying objects? The picture frame pool enclosures are designed with high–strength screen material, and can withstand a wide variety of natural (such as hurricane winds) and hand–made projectiles.

So if you are interested in expanding your views, please give us a call today to discuss your unique project and get a quick, no commitment estimate! Your roofline, personal taste and your budget are the primary factors involved in your screen design. Talk soon! 888-474-5884

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