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White Aluminum’s Guide to a Home Office That Works

White Aluminum’s Guide to a Home Office That Works

If you work at home, you deserve an at-home office space that doubles as your creative sanctuary, where your best ideas (and best work) get to flow with ease.

Much of that, of course, stems from a well-designed physical space. See today’s blog for tips on how to achieve the perfect balance between the comforts of home and the professionalism needed to get the job done.

Let the light in

Off all the rooms in your home, your home office might just be one that could benefit most from natural light. You can work in a clearer, more at-ease mindset by taking advantage of sunlight instead of artificial sources—and if your home office doubles as a creative space or studio, you’ll appreciate that extra light! How do you get it? Install large windows that let in plenty of light while still keeping you cool and comfortable. If you already have the right windows, consider switching out your curtains for a lighter, sheerer variety, or go without altogether!

Try a new arrangement

Traditional office arrangements have the desk facing the door, with the chairback to the window—but if you prefer to switch it up, and enjoy the outdoor view as you work, don’t be afraid to try something new! Your office is all about your comfort, and the layout that makes you feel most productive is the layout to stick with.

Seamless works

To make your office feel more like the rest of your home, follow décor patterns and colors from your living spaces and utilize them in your office. Your office will feel more like a place you enjoy spending time in.

Include a spare seating option

A helpful tip is to include an extra seating option somewhere in your office in addition to your desk chair—not just to welcome in guests, but to give yourself a way to sit more comfortably and shift your perspective as you try to work out tough problems or difficult decisions.

Spring for creativity and inspiration

Your office isn’t just a utilitarian space—it should be an inspiring one, too! Let your creativity flow by adding elements of art or inspiration to your space in the form of wall art or crafts from your family.

We hope that these ideas help you enjoy an office space that works for you—not the other way around! Be sure to call White Aluminum with questions about custom windows or other additions that can bring your office to the next level.

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