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Discover the Superior Quality of Aluminum Screen Rooms

Discover the Superior Quality of Aluminum Screen Rooms

One of the many great things about living in the Sunshine State is year-round favorable weather. Even when it does rain, it’s never for too long. That means almost every day is an excuse for outdoor fun, and to appreciate the beauty of nature here.
There are also “double duty” options where you can enjoy all the perks of being outside without the drawbacks that sometimes crop up. When you install a high-quality aluminum screen room your property, you get unmatched comfort plus a list of other benefits. Read on to learn more about this affordable and easy-to-install property enhancement solution.

Safety and Security

Your home is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. So, it makes sense you want to protect your property. More importantly, you’re always focused on providing a safe and welcoming space for friends and loved ones. Both goals are easily accomplished with a screen room.

For example, most burglars get scared when they see homes with a Florida screened porch. Not only do they recognize this as a sign of a responsible homeowner, but crooks won’t want to take the additional time trying to break in. They’ll simply move on to another home.

Beyond theft, screen rooms keep you and your family safe by providing a shady space where everyone can relax and unwind after a stressful day. Pets can’t wander off from this enclosed space.

Improved Comfort

Best of all, you can reap the screen room benefits any time, day or night. No matter what’s happening with the outside weather, you’ll be happy and content inside the comfortable ambiance of your screen room.

When it gets too hot to sit outside, you can invite guests to take a break from the sun’s harmful rays. You could even install a ceiling fan, so your screen room will remain cool even on the warmest days. If the exterior temperature starts to get chilly, simply retreat to the cozy atmosphere of your screen room, and keep the good times rolling throughout the day. This space is also ideal for entertaining of all types.

Enhanced Property Value

Any REALTOR® will tell you that pride of ownership is a huge selling point. Even if you plan to remain in your home for years, neighbors and guests will be impressed when they see property enhancement solutions that make your residence look its very best.

Similar to carports in Florida, screen rooms extend your living and working space. So, you essentially get more area to move around in, without the expense and hassle of adding on another bedroom. Plus, a screened porch is the ideal spot to log some quality alone time. Take a nap, read a good book, or simply unwind in the peaceful comfort of your residence.


As mentioned, your screen room is really several rooms in one. That because there are so many great uses for this space. Along with fun parties for friends and family, you could set up a home gym/exercise area, make a workspace or study spot, or give the kids a safe and clean place to play. Your screen room could even be used for guest accommodations or to get small children used to the idea of camping outdoors.

For more than 60 years, we’ve installed interesting and eye-catching enhancements at the homes of residents across Florida. That includes awnings in Orlando, replacement windows in Jacksonville, and creative projects across the Sunshine State. Along with screen rooms, our wide array of products includes:

  • acrylic and vinyl rooms
  • louvered room systems
  • pool enclosures
  • Safe Harbor
  • siding, soffit, and fascia
  • storm protection and security
  • and much more

Contact us today to add a durable screen room to your property, and start reaping the benefits of improved health and enjoyment of everything life has to offer.   

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