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5 Ways Replacement Windows Keep You Safe

5 Ways Replacement Windows Keep You Safe

Today’s windows go far beyond pleasant views outside. While that’s certainly an enjoyable aspect of owning property in Florida, you want and deserve home features that go the extra mile. You need equipment and standard items that can help safeguard your pets and loved ones no matter where they are, in or outside your property.

Florida replacement windows provide valuable peace of mind and keep friends and loved ones protected around the clock. Best of all, installing this feature in your home lends a solid return on investment. Read on to discover other major benefits of replacing broken and/or outdated house windows.

1) Protection from the Elements

While being out in nature can be a pleasant experience, there are many irritations and health risks present. For example, dirt/debris and exposure to the sun adds up to big complications over time. In addition, high winds and torrential rain subject older windows to stress that they often can’t sustain.

By contrast, when you upgrade to high-quality replacement windows, you’ll be safe and secure inside no matter what’s going on outdoors.

2) Storm Protection

To that end, windows can easily be coupled with other important home improvements such as storm protection and security. Despite year-round sunshine, there are times when Florida is subject to severe weather. When hurricanes, tornadoes, and violent thunderstorms strike, the fallout can be devastating.

However, when you equip your property with high-quality replacement windows, you drastically improve the odds that your home can ride out even the most intense storm.

3) Crime Safety

Law enforcement experts agree that burglars are looking for the easy route. So, when they notice a home they can quickly break into, they waste no time in planning a heist. But when you invest in replacement windows, criminals will think twice about targeting your family.

That’s because newer windows are stronger and more impact-resistant than ever before. They can withstand feverish blows caused by blunt objects, wayward sports equipment (such as golf balls or baseballs), and more.

4) Quality of Life Considerations  

How many times has your concentration been broken by a loud noise in the neighborhood? Perhaps your sleep has been interrupted by a barking dog or blaring music nearby. Replacement windows help block out annoying sounds. Along with those mentioned, you can also muffle and even eliminate traffic noise, neighborhood conversations, and more.

Plus, windows are a simple and affordable way to effectively get the best of all worlds. Similar to Florida sunrooms, you’ll enjoy all the sunshine and soft breeze of your locale, with none of the undesirable elements that inferior windows allow to invade your private space.

5) Improved Property Value

REALTORs® say the state of windows are often a deciding factor for prospective buyers. Even if you’re not selling, the pride of ownership you display by improving your property won’t be lost on neighbors and visitors to your home.

Replacement windows from White Aluminum feature sturdy and durable vinyl frames that carefully protect a variety of window types, including casement, gliding, specialty, and more. In fact, for more than 60 years, we’ve worked with homeowners across the Sunshine State to create innovative property enhancement solutions.

Along with replacement windows, we also specialize in acrylic and vinyl rooms, awnings and shutters, hand railing, Florida carports, louvered roof systems, and much more. We’re well known and respected as a premier resource for pool enclosures in Florida. Contact us today to discover the wealth of home improvement options available to you. 

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