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Orlando Homes: Screen Maintenance Tips

With fall’s cooler weather quickly approaching, you are probably planning on opening your windows and spending more time in your Florida screen room. If your window or porch screens aren’t quite ready for the weather, follow this simple guide to get them back up to par.

For ripped screens…

If any screens in your home have ripped over time, this is the first issue you’ll need to tackle. Fortunately, patching up a torn screen is a quick and easy project. If the ripped portion is relatively small, you’ll be able to pick up replacement screen at your local home improvement or hardware store… just be sure that you 1) get a large enough portion of screen and 2) find a screen portion that matches the color and type of your current screen.

Now if the screen rip is too large, you may be better off replacing the entire screen. No matter what your needs, be sure to reach out to a professional for help if the rip is too high or difficult for you to safely reach.

For worn, dirty screens…

Many homeowners have screens in their windows or screen rooms that could use some sprucing up. Regular wear and tear combined with weather and debris can make your mesh fiberglass screens dull or dirty—cleaning these screens, however, doesn’t have to be a big job. Follow our tips for a clean screen that accentuates the outside view and doesn’t obscure it!

·         Get ready to clean your screen. If there is any furniture next to the window or screen, be sure to push it away from the screen surface to make cleaning easier (and to keep your furniture clean and dry!).

·         In dry weather, vacuum the screen to remove any hard to get particles, dust and dirt. Use a corner attachment for tight areas, and a soft bristled brush for extra help. If there is any “set-in” dirt on your screen, you can wash it away later; right now you’re just focusing on larger, lodged-in particles that can be removed.

·         Now that you’ve cleared away any excess dirt and debris, take the same brush and gently scrub in a warm water and dish soap solution. While you’re at it, you can use that same solution to scrub the aluminum or wood frame supporting your screens (if you’re in a screen room). This soapy mixture can allow you to scrub away stubborn, set-in dirt that can make your screen less than perfect.

·         Once you have allowed the soap and water mixture to do its job, it’s time to rinse your screen off. If you’re cleaning a screen in one of your home’s windows, you’ll want to do this gently and carefully to keep the interior of your home dry—try placing a towel near the window to keep the floor from getting wet. If you’re cleaning your screen room, you have a larger area to work with. Just be sure to spray from the inside, out… and not the other way around! While your screen room is a type of extension of your outdoor space, you still want to keep it comfy and dry.

By the time you’ve completed these simple steps, your screens should be looking much better! Regular upkeep prevents the need for large cleaning jobs, so be sure to wipe your screen quickly if you ever notice new dirt or debris.

Orlando Homes: Screen Maintenance Tips

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