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Consider These 3 Factors to Best Withstand Strong Winds When Placing Your Pergola

Consider These 3 Factors to Best Withstand Strong Winds When Placing Your Pergola

When living in an area susceptible to severe weather and high winds, it’s important to carefully plan your pergola installation to ensure that it stays strong in a hurricane. The proper placement, construction, and materials can make all the difference when the next hurricane makes landfall. All of these factors have a direct impact on the amount of wind that pergolas can withstand. Read on to learn what you must keep an eye on before your pergola installation!


Pergolas that are located next to or attached to a larger structure enjoy greater stability during severe weather because there is less direct wind flow impacting it. When pergolas are placed further away from homes and other structures, they are much more likely to be damaged in a hurricane. This is because they don’t have something to help buffer the storm-force winds. Furthermore, we recommend that pergolas in areas of possible high winds be oriented at a 45-degree angle pointed in the direction of the wind. What this does is increase the aerodynamics of the pergola, helping to route wind around the structure instead of going directly against it.


Pergolas that are built thicker tend to last much longer. These structures prove to be much sturdier, which will help to keep everything intact during major storms. When choosing your pergola, discuss structure with home design experts and compare thicker, heftier building materials. A pergola that will remain standing after every major storm must be carefully constructed using quality pegs and additional stakes. These will aid in keeping the pergola secured to the ground, even when wind speeds exceed 111 mph (category three hurricanes and above, which are officially designated as “major storms”).


With the right choice in building materials, pergolas can withstand adverse weather conditions just as well as they persist through long sunny days. In addition to the stakes mentioned above, weights are other materials that can be utilized to provide additional stability. White Aluminum constructs pergolas using heavy gauge virgin aluminum, then coats them with durable, stain-resistant resin impervious to both weather and time. What this means for each of our clients is a sturdy pergola that will look just as beautiful after a storm as it does beforehand.

Pergolas have quickly become one of the most popular additions to outdoor hardscapes for a myriad of reasons. They offer shade, comfort, and protection from weather elements in an intimate setting. This is why it is so important to do everything we can to take care of pergolas in the same way. Interested in a lifetime of charm for your back yard? Request a brochure for White Aluminum pergolas here before you get started!

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