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Don’t Sweat It: How to Keep Your Guests Cool During Summer BBQs

Don’t Sweat It: How to Keep Your Guests Cool During Summer BBQs

Outdoor hosting is a quintessential summer activity here in Florida. Long days filled with sunshine pair great with smoky barbecue – all that’s missing is the guest list! However, all that sunshine can make it difficult for guests to get cool and comfortable. Don’t let the heat crash your party! Instead, follow these tips on how to throw a BBQ bash while helping friends and family keep cool.

Are You Free Later?

The easiest and most cost-efficient method of keeping your outdoor gatherings comfortable is to reschedule them later in the day. The hottest time of the day is typically around 3 pm. This is because heat continues to build up even though the sun is at its highest point around noon. With some intimate lighting, you can easily host guests later in the day when there isn’t so much sunlight bearing down.

Keep Fire Features Distant

Fire pits, patio fireplaces, and the classic grill all provide a focal point for every outdoor gathering. However, when these are in use, they can emanate extra heat that is sure to overwhelm guests. While the sun is up, keep the grill a safe distance away from guests – especially when it’s in use. Make sure guests have adequate seating away from the fire features.

Let the Drinks Flow

Summer BBQs are nearly synonymous with adult beverages and fizzy sodas. However, these drinks can worsen dehydration, which your guests will already be at risk of when hanging out in broad daylight. Make water easily accessible to all guests and encourage them often to drink up. Staying hydrated will help to regulate body temperature and keep cool!

Use Shade Wisely…

Do you have trees or other structures covering your outdoor space? Use these to your benefit! Any shade that is offered throughout the sunny parts of the day will come in handy. Being able to get out of direct sunlight is one of the best ways for your guests to avoid overheating. Set up seating in your shaded areas for guests to make the most of this relief.

…And Create Shade, Too!

If your outdoor space is lacking in shade, then consider adding some to your entertainment area before inviting guests over. If time and budget permit, consider installing a pergola! These structures are open and inviting but also help to regulate outside temperature and keep guests underneath cool and comfy. Similarly, our Louvered Roof systems empower homeowners to enjoy their outdoor space at their own speed by choosing how much sunlight is filtered in.

There’s no time like the present to get out and make the most of summer! Grilling and gathering are a Floridian pastime – don’t let the heat get in the way of that. White Aluminum offers several products that can help regulate your outdoor air temperature and keep guests cool at any hour of the day, which can be found here. Trust White Aluminum & Windows for all your home improvement needs!

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