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5 Summery Ways to Use a Pergola in Your Backyard

5 Summery Ways to Use a Pergola in Your Backyard

For those unfamiliar with pergolas, this outdoor structure provides partial overhead protection while instantly injecting your backyard with shade, privacy, and drama. Often consisting of end posts supporting a latticed roof of horizontal beams topped by vertical rafters, pergolas are perfect for every Florida yard regardless of the season. Besides oozing style and charm, pergolas are also versatile structures and can be adapted to a wide array of uses that are sure to elevate your backyard. Curious about how you’d benefit from adding a pergola this summer? Just read on!

Swing Thru Summer

For many, swaying back and forth on a porch swing brings us back to cherished memories on our parents’ porch. With a pergola, you can relive those memories under the comfort of shade in your own backyard. Once your swing is secured, take a seat and read, nap, or just enjoy the ride.

Poolside Cabana

The pool is already a top-notch destination to get away from the heat of summer, but a pergola is sure to make it even better. Find relief of shade just steps from the pool. Add lounging chairs under your pergola and either dry off between dips in the water or watch over anyone splashing around while you relax in the shade.

Natural Canopy

Got a green thumb? It’s okay even if you don’t, training vines to climb and twist through a pergola’s roof is easy enough! Choose a climbing vine like wisteria or sweet pea, then wrap its stem around the base of your pergola and let it work its magic. Once it ascends to the top, tie the stem to the crossbeams and watch it twist and turn through the lattice until you eventually have a beautiful canopy.

Hang Decorations

Pergolas are the ideal feature to show off some of your favorite hanging decorations. The elaborate network of beams provides you with ample opportunity to hang up some whimsical string lights or rustic lanterns, which are perfect at creating an intimate atmosphere for your next gathering. Alternatively, consider hanging potted plants from the rafters to add a flair of color to your pergola.

Backyard Theater

There is beauty in multifunctional spaces, and pergolas are ideal for a wide variety of uses. Consider mounting a white sheet to a tension rod secured between the beams of the pergola. During the day, this sheet will block direct sunlight and keep inhabitants comfortable. At night, the sheet becomes a backdrop for movie night with friends and family – simply place a projector at the opposite side of your pergola, then kick back and enjoy the show.

These are only five simple ways to usher in summer with your brand-new pergola but there are still so many ways to make the most of this exciting addition to your home. A lifetime of charm and endless applications make pergolas such an enticing feature for Florida homeowners. Don’t keep sitting around – contact White Aluminum & Windows to request a brochure! We can make your dream a reality by building the perfect pergola for your home right in your backyard.

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