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5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Florida Pergola

5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Florida Pergola

A pergola is meant to be a centerpiece of your yard – somewhere warm and inviting that just beckons you to come relax underneath it. The beauty of these structures is that they can be designed and purposed any way you want to enhance your way of life even more. Read on for just a few of our cool ways to make the most of your new Florida pergola.

Create a Hosting Hotspot

A pergola is the perfect resource to turn your Central Florida home into the newest destination for your closest friends and family members. By spicing up the space with a few enhancements, such as potted plants, solar-powered string lights, or even musical speakers, you can significantly turn up the ambiance and make it feel more like a private entertainment venue. Bring your board games or dining outdoors for an enhanced experience.

Make Shade Next to Your Pool

What sounds more perfect than lounging under the brisk shade of a pergola next to the pool, cool drink in hand, in between swims? You can even add extra protection by draping curtains down the side of your pergola for an added layer of comfort when you want a little relief from the sun. Plus, your makeshift poolside cabana will serve as an entirely new visual element that is sure to make the rest of the setting pop.

Sleep Peacefully in a Napping Nook

If the weather is so perfect that you just cannot resist resting your eyes outdoors, there is no better place than underneath the refreshing shade of your pergola. The posts of a pergola are perfect for attaching a hammock and creating a freestanding napping space reserved for peace and quiet. Hammocks are proven to provide a deeper and more restful sleep due to their rocking motion, and a pergola means you can get that high quality shut-eye whenever you want to.

Playroom for the Kids

If you have been running out of space indoors to give your little ones room to roam, consider utilizing your pergola as a personalized playpen. The roof and sides can be closed in with sun-blocking curtains to keep them safe from wind, rain, and UV rays while they are having fun. Older children can still utilize this space as well – it might just be the perfect sanctuary to get some studying done away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the family.

Cook Outdoors in Style

If you already have an outdoor kitchen space in place, a pergola can be the perfect structure to not only maximize your comfort while out in the elements, but also give your outdoor patio that intimate restaurant vibe. Get the best of warm weather by grilling under the shade, then kick back and relax in your incredible pergola while you dig into good eats.

Pergolas do more than simply add interest and value to your property – they add much-needed rest and relaxation to your life. We are lucky to enjoy favorable weather year-round and a pergola may be just the thing missing from your home to make the most of that. If you are interested in this product, give us a call at White Aluminum! Our team specializes in pergola construction and other services, including adding pool enclosures, screen rooms, and much more to your Central Florida home – we look forward to hearing from you.

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