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The 5 Best Home Renovations You Can Make in Your Garden Space

The 5 Best Home Renovations You Can Make in Your Garden Space

Deciding on the best renovation to make the most of your garden space is not an easy thing to do. There are all kinds of different options open to you, varying across different levels of difficulty and cost and requiring different levels of service. Any skilled architect or home improvement specialist should be able to help you make the best choices, but understanding what’s out there is always a great first step.


Sunrooms are one of the most popular types of renovation someone can build. They’re an amazing way to make the most of the outdoors and a natural way to get more light into any property. You’re completely sheltered from any weather when you have one, and no matter what, you have a scenic and relaxing space that has the wonders of the outdoors to offer you, day and night.

Rear Extensions

rear house extension is often the next place people go with their creations. A rear house extension uses less glass in most cases than a sunroom does as it isn’t designed to capture the light and the outdoors in the same way. With that being said, there is nothing stopping you from adding skylights and large glass doors leading to the rest of the garden, and both of these can be a great middle-ground between another room that's much the same as the rest of the property while stilling having all of that extra light.

Garden rooms

Garden rooms are a very up and coming design trend in the architectural and property world. They are essentially a sunroom that is completely detached from the property. Instead, they are placed somewhere in the garden space. They're perfect for social settings or for a proposed office, or any other purpose that could be separate from the rest of the property.

Screen Rooms

A screen room is something that is always a popular feature, especially wherever there is great weather for most of the year. Screen rooms allow you to be in the comfort of the outdoors and enjoying all kinds of weather while being kept sheltered and in shade no matter what. You’re protected from too much direct sunlight and from bugs, but still can feel the breeze and get some fresh air.

Veranda, porch or decking

The final renovation we’d always recommend using your garden space is with an open setting like a veranda, decking or some other kind of platform. This lets you be truly outdoors and in a comfortable sheltered space, you also then have access to all kinds of different shelter and roofing, which changes the game completely. You can explore louvred roofs and pergolas or latticed roofs, all of which provide the height of luxury all while really transforming your garden space.

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