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Home Improvement Tips: 3 Reasons to Choose Aluminum Handrailing

Home Improvement Tips: 3 Reasons to Choose Aluminum Handrailing

Aluminum is a durable, reliable material that many have been using in their home improvement projects for years. And when it comes to handrailing, you may want to consider this versatile metal. Whether you’re planning for commercial or residential handrailing, here are 3 things to consider when choosing what materials to build with. 



Contrary to other handrail materials like wood or steel, aluminum resists rot and rust. That means its strength endures for years without any need for regular maintenance! When constructing handrails, it’s important to think about the ability for them to withstand the test of time as well as the test of an outside force, like a fall or stumble. Make sure you have the strength you can rely on by choosing aluminum!   



While they are practical, aluminum handrails can make a style statement for your project too! Choose a sleek black aluminum handrail along your staircase for a modern look, or keep that natural aluminum look for a style more industrial. Whether the style of your handrailing is a top priority for you or not, there’s no doubt that aluminum has you covered in that department!



Aluminum is not only a great choice for handrails along stairs or walkways, but they are also a great option for guardrails. Aluminum guardrails are strong enough to prevent people from falling from platforms or stumbling outside of walkways. The strength of an aluminum guardrail or handrail combined with the proper height can provide the assurance of security to any project — commercial or residential!


Different projects call for using different materials, and with handrail projects, aluminum can be a great option. If you’re considering the strength, style and security of your residential or commercial handrailing, aluminum has your back. And if you need expert advice and assistance on handrailing and so much more, contact us today. With our dedication to providing quality construction and exceptional customer service, we’d love to help with your next home improvement project!

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