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White Aluminum Room Addition Projects: Which One Is Right For You?

Winter in Florida means plenty of time and great weather to take on your next home renovation project—but which do you take on, exactly? If you’re planning on an addition to your home that will either add more space or replace an unused patio area, you can choose from our Florida rooms, sunrooms or screen rooms. Here’s a quick breakdown of what each one is and how it might suit your individual needs:

A screen room is just what it sounds like: a room surrounded by screens for walls. It’s for the family that likes the comfort and relaxing nature of an outdoor patio, but needs some extra protection from rain and pesky insects.White Aluminum screen rooms also come with insulated roofs that can blend in with your home’s look.

A sun room is similar to a screen room in the sense that it’s great for those who like to feel like they’re “outside,” without actually having to deal with inclement weather. Our sunrooms come with insulated walls and windows, so you’ll be able to enjoy a more structured, homey feel while still appreciating the views of the outdoors.

Finally, our Florida rooms are the most permanent type of addition we offer. Just like with our sun rooms, they offer bright expansive views of the space outside with windows lining the walls. The Florida room is different in that it allows you to install lighting, electrical and plumbing to make it as comfortable as possible… like a true extension of your home.

Whichever room you choose, count on us to help you achieve your vision. Give us a call today!

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