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Increase a Home’s Value: Create an Outdoor Room

Increase a Home’s Value: Create an Outdoor Room

Increasing the square footage of your home by adding another room is one of the best ways to increase its value. Room additions let you maximize the use of floor space, and improve the comfort and functionality of your home. And there are lots of ways you can use an extra room - as a guest room, children's room, for entertaining, or as an office. 

The only problem with adding a new room to your home is it isn’t the cheapest of home upgrades. Depending on the size of the extra room, costs can go anywhere from $32,000 (for a 400 Sq/ft room) to $170,000 (for a 1,000 sq/ft home). The reason additional rooms cost so much is that the project often involves major demolition and excavation work, as well as, pouring a concrete slab.

Also, there is the hassle of getting building permits for the remodel and navigating the limitations imposed by the design of other houses in the neighborhood. The good news, however, is that there are other ways to add an additional room to your property without breaking the bank. This method also avoids the red tape involved in getting building permits.

Homeowners who want to add an extra room to their property can do it quickly, cheaply, and effectively with an outdoor room. Outdoor rooms bring added comfort and functionality to a home, the same way adding an interior room does. But an outdoor room may even increase the appeal of a home and raise its value more than an additional interior room will, according to Income Realty Corporation. But what is an outdoor room?


The Outdoor Room

Florida Outdoor Room

An outdoor room is a room just like any other room in the home, but it has the singular distinction of being a room without walls. Since it is furnished like other rooms but exists outdoors, it is a cross between an indoor and an outdoor living space. Although similar to a patio, an outdoor room is more than a patio.

It always has a roof or covers and can be dedicated to a variety of uses. Outdoor rooms can be anything you want them to be; a living room, a place for entertaining guests, an outdoor kitchen/dining area, a poolside area, and lots more.

It can be equipped with bi-fold or sliding doors to make it into a closed space. Or it can be left as an open area with privacy screens that also keep out bad weather. The outdoor room can be designed to have everything an indoor living room has; furniture, TV, a sound system, a coffee table, and proper lighting.

Essentially an outdoor room is another room in the home and can be furnished just the same way a regular room is. So how does an outdoor room increase the value of a home and why should you have one in your property?


Why should you build an outdoor room?

Outdoor Pool

It costs less than a home extension

You can plan your outdoor room to fit your budget; the room can cost as much as $50, 000 or as little as $5,000. It all depends on the features you choose for your room. And it is possible to limit the things you add to the space without affecting the value you derive from the addition.

Budget rooms can be built to be as simple as possible. Or the room can be designed to include every luxury you can imagine. But regardless of what you spend to build your outdoor room, it will still be cheaper than a home extension.


A range of design options


outdoor Room Designs

An outdoor room lets you add things you could never include in an indoor room. You can incorporate landscaping and water features - fountains, ponds, and waterfalls. You can make it an extension of your kitchen area by adding a pizza oven, a barbecue, and a dining area.

You can also use it as a full-scale entertainment unit with a plunge pool and home theatre. There is no limit to what you can do with an outdoor room.


Invaluable for entertaining

Outdoor Entertaining

If you entertain a lot, an outdoor room is a perfect addition to your home. It can be designed to incorporate a swimming pool, fire feature, outdoor sound systems, and everything you need in your entertainment area, to make your guests happy.

Entertaining in an outdoor setting protects your privacy; it creates space between the main home and the entertainment venue. With an outdoor room, you can entertain guests at night without disturbing your kids.

Increased property value

Research by the National Association of Realtors shows that adding an outdoor room to a home impacts it in two very important ways. It makes the property more attractive to buyers. And it allows homeowners to ask for a higher sales price for their home. An outdoor room gives you more leverage when you want to sell your home. This is because they are now a major factor in valuing a home.

Outdoors rooms fit any lifestyle

Regardless of their lifestyle and values, most people will find an outdoor room appealing. The value it brings to a property is not limited to any section of the society. Rather, it makes the home more appealing to a larger population of prospective buyers.




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