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Walls of Windows: How to Decorate

Do you have a floor-to-ceiling window, or otherwise expansive window taking up much of your wall? If not, we can help you design the best one for your home! If you already have one, there are a few ways you can “dress it up” to its highest design potential. Here are some of our favorites:

Think minimal: Your large windows are there for a reason—they make a statement, and help your home bring in some of the beautiful outdoor views. Don’t try to fill up the space in front of the window if you don’t have to! Instead of blocking the window or windows with heavy pieces of furniture, why not use your large window as a peek into your outdoor entertaining space—that is, leave your sofa and patio chairs outside! Keep your window area wide open and free of clutter.

Another line of minimalist thought is to keep your furniture on the wall opposite the large window. Whether it’s gym equipment, an office desk, or simple sofa, keep these pieces of furniture out of the line of sight of the beautiful outdoor scenery.

Bring the outside in: If you have a great natural landscape outside, you can accentuate the view by bringing some of your house-friendly plants indoors! Place them on the sides of your “wow” window to incorporate the natural beauty inside and out.

Take advantage of natural light: Many families must deal with a lack of natural lighting in the office or kids’ study areas; with a great, expansive window, that’s no problem! Take advantage of its natural light by placing a light but functional desk or window seat in the nook of your window.

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