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Rain or Shine: The Benefits of a Louvered Roof System

As we edge closer to springtime here in Florida, we know we’re also getting closer to the inevitable storms and showers that come with a change of season. But not to worry—the rain doesn’t have to put a damper on your outdoor entertaining when you install a louvered roof system! Our Equinox® systems are made of durable extruded aluminum that can be mechanically moved to let in light or block out the sky completely. Here’s what you should know:

The panels, or louvers, you see in our systems come with a 160-degree range of motion, so they’re able to let in the sun completely, indirectly, or not at all—good for those sudden spring showers that can sneak up on us while entertaining! The louvers are also designed with ventilation in mind, so you can enjoy the sun without baking in it. All the movement can be adjusted with a remote control, so there’s no need for ladders or tricky maneuvering during your day of relaxation. Just point and click!

Our Equinox® louvers are made of all metal materials, so they’re able to withstand wearing from the sun and heavy downpours. Since they come in clay, white and sandstone (and can be finished with additional styles), our systems will fit in with your unique backyard landscape. Call us to see how we can help you design your own louvered roof system in time for spring!

Rain or Shine: The Benefits of a Louvered Roof System

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