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The Benefits of Awnings for Your Orlando Home

We may still be in the middle of winter, but that doesn’t mean we’re spending any less time outdoors! In fact, this is a great time of the year for Floridians to get outdoors and enjoy the mild weather. One such way to do that is by installing an awning over your patio or home’s windows.

Read on to find out how an awning can improve your time at home and outdoors in the coming months.

Indoor comfort

One of the best reasons to install awnings over your home’s windows is, of course, the comfort it will grant you and your family while spending time indoors. Here in Florida, we all know how much direct sunlight can heat up our homes from the outside. To avoid the afternoon heat while you’re relaxing indoors, turn to awnings—they let some light in, but in a less direct way that provides for cooler temperatures.

In addition to boosting your comfort indoors, awnings over your home’s windows can also save you money on your energy bill. Because less direct light is making its way into your home, you won’t have to spend so much on cooling costs—and that’s a welcome bonus!

Enjoyable outdoor entertaining

If you plan on entertaining outdoors in the coming months, an awning over your patio space can turn regular dinners or barbecues into comfortable, more special experiences. The shade can make you and your guests more comfortable, especially on hot, sunny days. The awning’s protection can also keep you dry from those quick rain showers that always seem to sneak up on you while entertaining.

Finally, an awning can keep you from spending your spare time on outdoor cleanup. If you have an overhanging tree near your patio, a large awning can keep its leaves and litter from dirtying your entertaining space—leaving you with a cleaner patio and more time to enjoy your family and friends.

An awning over your patio or outdoor entertaining area isn’t just practical—it sets your space apart from the rest of your backyard and can add some style to your home’s exterior, too!

Privacy for you and your family

Privacy is a greatly valued trait that can be hard to come by as our homes get closer and closer together. Fortunately, awnings for the outside of your home can greatly add to the amount of privacy you and your family can enjoy.

Awnings over your home’s windows can prevent passerby from seeing into your home’s bedrooms and living spaces. Additionally, an awning over your outdoor entertaining space (perhaps coupled with large plants or other natural barriers) can provide a degree of privacy from nearby neighbors.

Are you interested in awnings for your home or outdoor entertaining space? Call us today! We can help you find the style, size and look that’s right for you.

The Benefits of Awnings for Your Orlando Home

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