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Florida Awnings and Screen Rooms - Ideas for Sprucing Up the Home This Summer

Is this the summer you finally commit to making renovations to your home’s appearance without sacrificing practicality? The task of breathing new life into the aesthetics of a home is usually a daunting one. We at White Aluminum frequently deal with homeowners wanting a new look for their home. For our customers based all around Florida awnings and screen rooms are two of the best improvements to a home that we offer. They could be just what your home needs as well!

Awnings that offer shade and style

During the scorching heat of summer in Florida awnings have a pretty clear purpose, practically speaking. Why put up with the overpowering sunshine pouring into your home through your windows? Awnings can offer enough shade to even lower the temperature in your home, as they reduce the amount of sunlight entering. They are not useless when the sunshine stops either – they can even act as protection from falling rain, allowing you to keep windows open during light sun showers if you wish. Beyond their practical use, awnings can also add pizzazz to your home’s façade. Classic striped awnings over a window or porch can add a bit of valuable style to almost any home.

Screen rooms that look and feel like outdoors

Although a slightly bigger renovation, adding a screen room to your home is an excellent idea from an aesthetic point of view. From the outside, a new screen room can help make the house appear both larger and more tropical. From the inside, the effect is even greater. Screen rooms lend the house an option to feel the outdoors while actually staying protected from the harsh weather and pesky insects that the season has to offer. Since these are common problems in Florida, screen rooms are a very useful consideration in this region.

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