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Add Living Space With A Louvered Roof

Add Living Space With A Louvered Roof

Although summer and spring are more appealing than winter, they’re also accompanies by insects, which is why louvered roof systems and pergolas with retractable screen systems have become more popular. Homeowners should envision how they will use the space, as well as how often they think they would use it, be it seasonal or year-round.

You need to also think about what you would like to have inside, such as furniture and what entertainment purposes you wish to use it for to ensure you have enough room for your needs. Aesthetics is also something to look at, as you want to ensure it looks well with your current architecture. One of our Pergola reps can help assist homeowners and understand what we have to offer and can get them to ensure they have the best solution available to meet their needs. Our Azenco louvered roof with retractable screen options are available in a a variety of styles and even come with some other options such as fan beams, motorized louvers, rain and wind sensors and more.

Our reps will work one on one to help you create a solution to meet your needs and wants. The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to our Azenco products. Although our Azenco products are not cheap, they are quality built right here in the USA and offer added value to your Florida home. These type of structures do not depreciate like an automobile or boat would. When a year-round space such as a louvered roof or pergola system is added to your home, it will always be something that can be enjoyed. This is a space that your family will use often in your home, so make sure it is something you want.


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