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How Does a Louvered Roof System Work?

How Does a Louvered Roof System Work?

Decks and patios extend a home’s usable floor space and allow families to spend more time outdoors. But most homeowners can only spend a limited amount of time on their decks or patios.

This is because the sun’s heat and rain make it impossible to utilize the space to the maximum. Roofing the area is one way to solve the problem, but that solution creates its own problems. It cuts sunlight from the patio, making the space less enjoyable.

Putting a screen around the patio also reduces exposure to the elements. But the solution defeats the entire purpose of having an outdoor space. Screened porches limit the free flow of air and block out most of the natural light.

Drew Doheny Management suggests a louvered roof system offers a way to solve the problem. It allows you the full benefit of a patio without exposing you to direct sunlight or rain. Louvered roof systems give you the best of two worlds: the benefit of an unroofed patio with the advantages of a roofed patio.


What is a louvered roof system?


Louvered Roof System

Louvered roofs are shading structures for decks, patios, pergolas, or gazebos. Unlike most roof structures for outdoor spaces, a louvered system is versatile. At the touch of a button, the roof can be opened, closed, or partially closed to make the best of weather conditions.

During the day, the louver roof allows full sunlight into the space when fully opened. If during the night, the fully opened roof will let you see the stars. Fully closed, the roof keeps out the rain, but when partially opened, you can keep the sun’s heat out while letting light in.

In the aftermath of Covid-19 regulations, more families are looking for ways to use the outdoors without exposing themselves to the risk of infection. Installing an automated louvered roof system on the patio or deck makes it possible to enjoy that space across all seasons of the year.

How do louvered roof systems work?


Louvered Roof System


  • Material and construction

    A louver roof system comprises of beams or rafters with louvers installed inside brackets found across the length of the beams. The rafters are placed on a pergola's steel structure, usually at intervals of five feet. The beams also house the linkage, allowing the louvers to close or open simultaneously. Typically, louver roof systems are made from extruded rigid aluminum powder-coated to make them weather-resistant. This ensures that the structure is both lightweight and durable.

  • Operation
    Louver roof systems work on the same principle as window louvers. The louvers are connected to a standard rail system that allows them to close and open as a single unit. The louvers can be operated manually, using a crank system, or automatically with an electric motor. Most louver roof systems have electronic systems that let you close or open them with a remote-controlled button. For greater ease, you may also install a rain sensor to automatically close the louvers when it starts to rain.

  • Installation options
    There are different ways to install a louvered roof system; it can be free-standing, semi-attached, or installed on an existing structure. If there is a pergola with steel structures in place, the easiest way to install the roof is to place its beams on the steel structures of the pergola. It is also possible to install a louvered roof system as a free-standing structure bolted to the ground and covers the pergola or patio. The louvered roof can be installed with one side attached to an existing wall.

Why you should install a louvered roof system


Louvered Roof System


  1. Thermal efficiency: Louver blades can be set to the desired angle to give you control of the temperature on your patio or deck. Partially closed louvers let you keep cool during the summer months. Or you can have them fully opened to let the sun in during winter and help you warm up the space of your home.
  2. Usable across all seasons: The system allows the patio to be used at all times of the year. Louvers blades are strong enough to bear the weight of snow and have internal gutters to remove rainwater. This creates an outdoor space you can use in summer and winter.
  3. Flexibility: You do not have to alter your deck or patio when installing a louvered roof system. Louvered roof systems come in various options, modular components, custom-built, free-standing, and semi-attached. You even have a choice of colors to match the design of your home.
  4. Cost saving: Since a louvered roof system keeps direct sunlight out of your outdoor space, it eliminates the need for a cooling fan on the patio. Installing this system can help you reduce your electricity bill.
  5. Ease of maintenance: Because they are made of aluminum, louvered roof systems are rust-free and have a long lifespan. They do not need costly maintenance.
  6. Increase property value: Adding a louvered roof system to your home is one of the best ways to boost the value of your property. This system improves both the aesthetics and function of your home.

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