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Preparing Your Waterfront Home for Summer

Ready to enjoy your gorgeous waterfront home all summer long? While you likely have plans for fun and entertaining in the months ahead, there are a few preliminary steps you can take to make your waterfront property as safe and enjoyable as possible. We’re covering a few of them below.

Install a hand railing

Living on the water is, of course, a great luxury—but it also comes with the added responsibility of keeping young family and guests safe near the water. For this reason, we recommend installing a hand railing around the perimeter of your home that will require an adult to open the gate to enjoy the water. While physical supervision is key, this measure will give you an added peace of mind when it comes to spending time by the water. It can also make outdoor entertaining a little easier, by clearly differentiating your dining/lounging/relaxing space from the water’s edge.

Add stepping stones for a unique retreat

To emphasize your property’s connection with the water, consider creating a personal pathway from your home or patio toward the water using bricks or stepping stones.

Add an infinity edge to your pool

If you have a pool perched near a body of water, take advantage of its positioning and add an infinity edge! An infinity edge pool creates the illusion of an endless horizon, and works especially well in pools that overlook lakes, oceans and other bodies of water. Get in touch with your local pool builder to see if an infinity edge is possible for your pool.

Check the condition of your dock

Do you have a personal dock attached to your property? If so, you know just how easy it can make outdoor entertaining or boat excursions. Of course, if you plan to have any number of people on your dock, this might be a great time to check its condition and keep an eye out for potential weak spots. If you find any, you can have your dock fixed in a short amount of time—just in time for summer nights and fun adventures on the water.

Once you’ve checked to ensure that your space is safe and comfortable for guests, get ready to enjoy! Your waterfront home is the perfect spot for anything from entertaining to lounging around on the weekend, and everyone will appreciate the added time and care you took in preparing your space for friends and family.

Preparing Your Waterfront Home for Summer

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