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7 Ways to Bring Summer into Your Port Orange Home

The weather outside is bright and beautiful—but if the inside of your home doesn’t quite match up, don’t worry! In today’s blog, we will be looking at ten easy ways to bring a fun summer atmosphere into your home.

Swap your accents

An easy way to bring that summer feeling into your home—with minimal effort—is to swap out your current accent pieces for brighter, fresher and more summery ones. This might mean putting your thick, wool pillows away for the season and adding floral, coastal or otherwise summer-themed pillows in their place, for example. You can also add fun accents such as sea glass décor and driftwood throughout your living space to give off a summery feel.

Lighten up

The summer season is all about brightness and warmth—so reflect those feelings in your home! Open up your curtains or switch out heavy window treatments for ones that are lighter
and airier.

Add outdoor touches

Bring the outdoor atmosphere indoors by adding natural touches to your home. Summer is the perfect time to add bright green plants to your kitchen, living space or home office for an added sense of clarity and relaxation. And of course, when you have so many beautiful plants indoors, you have their color and tranquility to enjoy even when it’s raining outside!

Consider a change of color

If you’re hoping to make a big change this summer, you can’t go wrong with a change of color on your interior walls. Add a splash of bright or pastel colors as an accent wall for a change of scenery you’ll appreciate now and months down the line.

Add summer scents

You can bring the irresistible scents of summer—from a campfire to your favorite flower—through the addition of candles, room sprays and more. When used sparingly, these are subtle touches that your family and friends will truly love.

Go minimal

If you want to truly encapsulate the free, relaxing feeling of summer in your home, go minimal! Freeing your home of excess clutter of furniture you just don’t use can allow you to unwind and truly enjoy laidback summer living.

Cool off

Of course, summer here in Central Florida can get very hot—so beating the heat indoors is a “must” for many homeowners. Fortunately, there are several ways you can do this. In addition to keeping your ceiling fan and AC unit on throughout the summer, you can: turn off lights and close the blinds when not in use; ensure that there are no air leaks in your home; switch out thick flannel or similar materials for cotton and other cool options; avoid oven use when possible and, of course, head outdoors for meals to keep your home’s interior cool!

We hope that these ideas help you achieve the easy, effortless feel of summer in your home. Let us know if we can help with bigger changes, such as room additions or window replacements, to help you complete the look!

7 Ways to Bring Summer into Your Port Orange Home

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