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5 Projects to Try This Back-to-School Season

 If you’ve been putting off a home improvement project because your home is simply too crowded or busy to pursue one, the back-to-school season might be the perfect time to try. With the kids back at school, you will have plenty of time and space to work with!

In today’s blog, we will be looking at five smart projects to try once the kids head back to school.

Deep clean and organize kids’ spaces in your home

It may be hard to achieve a thorough cleaning or reorganization project when your child is still in their room—but once they head to school for the day, doing so should be much easier! Take the back-to-school season as an opportunity to clean up kids’ bedrooms or work spaces with projects like closet reorganization, new shelving, and more.

Rethink your home’s look with a fresh coat of paint

We know that painting projects aren’t always easy—especially with young kids playing and running around! So if you have a room or hallway you would like to get painted, consider doing it on a school day so that everything is dry and childproof by the end of the day. 

Redo your kitchen…

While you can’t necessarily renovate your kitchen in a day, you can take care of select projects that will make the rest of the process much easier. If you’re switching out appliances, adding a new backsplash or pursuing a similar project, these are tasks that can be done within the span of an afternoon.

…or a bathroom that needs attention

If your bathroom is in need of some TLC, consider updating it with changes that makes it more functional for your everyday needs. Redecorate, for example, by switching up your shower curtain and countertop accents—or, if you need better storage organization, add in a shelving unit or cabinet organizer.

Find a new use for a now empty room

For the parents of college-age students, back-to-school season might mean that your child is moving out and leaving an empty room behind. If this is the case for you, take this time to put the room to new use as a space for guests, home office, or other practical idea.

Which of these projects do you plan to try this fall? Let us know if we can help you along the way! 


5 Projects to Try This Back-to-School Season

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