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5 Simple Steps to a Sunroom Library

There’s a million-and-one ways to use a sunroom—from turning yours into a home office to a playroom to an entertaining space for family and friends. One of our favorites, however, is to use your Florida sunroom as your own personal library—and in today’s blog, we will be sharing five steps to achieving one this spring.

Rethink traditional bookshelves

When it comes to finding a place to house all your books, don’t feel the need to stick to the norm. Rethink traditional bookshelves by opting for shelves that run close to the floor, for example, to maximize your outdoor view.

You can also choose to forego a shelf altogether and instead attach floating shelves to the walls for a light, airy effect.

Opt for comfy window seating

You likely installed a sunroom because of the great outdoor view it provides—so it’s only natural that you want to enjoy that while reading or studying in your home library! Add cozy window seating to your sunroom for a simple way to make the most of your experience.

Use clear or light furniture

Sunrooms are all about light, so you want to pick furniture that lets you enjoy that light to the fullest. Choose furniture pieces such as shelves or a coffee table that are light or clear to maintain that light, airy effect in your space.

Create a feeling of comfort with textured flooring

Because you don’t have wall space or much furniture to make a statement with, you can turn to your floors to create a space that’s as visually pleasing as it is comfy to walk on. Layer cozy, textured rugs to create a plush effect that makes your home library a place you and your family want to keep coming back to.

Use minimal lighting

Because your sunroom is already filled with so much natural light, you won’t need much artificial light during the daylight hours. If you plan to use your library during nighttime hours, you can easily add some light without taking up too much space by using modular lamps (which can be moved and reassembled wherever you need light) or tall, skinny floor lamps that blend seamlessly into your space.

With its natural light and coziness, your Florida sunroom might just be the best place to house your personal at-home library—so get ready to curl up with a good book and enjoy!

5 Simple Steps to a Sunroom Library

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